Robert Venditti's "Six Days: The Incredible Story of D-Day's Lost Chapter"

I started reading this Vertigo OGN earlier in the week and have enjoyed it a great deal.

I’m obviously aware of D-Day, but this book exposed a previously unknown portion of it (the titular “lost chapter”) to me. Interesting stuff.

Anyone else reading this?

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Not yet I had it in my hand at the comic book store But was to cheap to buy it I am going to pick it up next week

Looks like a really intriguing book. Venditti definitely also shows his love of history in the Valiant " X-O Manowar" series as well that he wrote like 50 issues of.

I used to pick up one call the Sailor’s Story back in the 80s, oversized Treasury, that was about life in the Pacific in the Navy during World War II. Glanzman actually featured the stories in many issues of Our Army at War by DC, issues to 220 through 298. He both wrote and drew them.

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@Don-El This book is quite intriguing. Definitely give it a read when time allows.

Regarding Venditti and X-O Manowar, I read the first few trades of his run a few years ago and that was another winner for him. The dude can write.

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