Robert Pattinson will be a phenomenal Batman

Most people hated Heath Ledger being casted as Joker. Enough said


ipso facto? Logic doesn’t hold, but I’m as open to RP as anyone else with talent.

Most people gated Affleck being cast as Batman too, and now we’re all wishing he was back. The hate I’ve seen for this announcement is stupid.

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Just remember gate begets gate

And Michael Keaton, and Christian Bale, and RDJ, and Chris Evans. I’m going to trust professionals over the fanboys

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I think it’s actually rare that they miss on casting, certainly since superheroes became the dominant blockbusters they are now. Is there a DC or MU miscasting in the last decade? None come to mind.

He’ll do a good job. After The Batman is released, those crying foul now will become the “Always knew they’d do a good job.” crowd.

History repeats itself.

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But girls like him, and I find that threatening!

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The only one was the Lex casting


And for the ones saying he is too skinny, NO ACTOR IS READY TO HAVE A BODY FOR A SUPERHERO

Lex maybe/kinda. I think he showed at the end and end of JL that he could play Lex straight up. I don’t know whose idea it was for him to play manic at 11. Manic at 9 coulda worked. So in that case I don’t know if it was the actor or directors fault.

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People trying to be funny are saying they should cast Kristen Stewart as Catwoman but I actually think she would be awesome as Selina. Just like Robert, she’s been doing great critically-acclaimed roles lately and she also looks the part.

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And the fact that Matt Reeves is directing it is even better

@Mae, I feel catwoman is a role that many people can play. And yeah she does look the part. I will admit I haven’t seen her roles recently so I might check it out