Robert Pattinson Vs Nicholas Hoult: Battle for the cowl

As the news surfaced about Robert Pattinson being the Batman. However, there was an update saying the deal with Robert ain’t done and that Nicholas Hoult is also a choice for Batman. What do you think?


Here’s the source

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Whoever doesn’t matter to me. I’m just happy that Matt Reeves is directing it the man who gave us dawn and war for the planet of the apes!

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Initially, I would have wanted Nicholas Hoult, but after looking at this picture, Robert Pattinson. He just needs a dark setting and a cowl.

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They must fight at the top of a mountain at sunrise until one admits defeat for the right to wear the cowl.

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Wiseman two go up,one comes down

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I’m rooting for Beast!

Win win either way IMO. They’re both talented actors.

Robert is the one

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They should have a sparkling contest

That’s my joke

I’d like to see Nicholas Hoult as Batman.


Secret option four- Hoult as Bruce Wayne and Pattinson as Batman.

I vote for the true batman.


Also open to playing Barbara

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The super secret option Batman option is Team Jacob.

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Nicholas Hoult would be a better red hood instead.

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Pattinson kind of resembles the kid Wayne in BvS

Well it’s an easy choice between these two in my mind because Nicholas Hoult was in mad Max fury Road and quite frankly George Miller and Armie Hammer should be taking things over now. Too bad WB didn’t appreciate George Miller after mad Max fury Road enough to bring him back to DC…

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I think Pattinson is the better choice. I can actually see him as Batman.