Robert Pattinson’s new Batman to have a full trilogy

Robert Pat-I mean Battinson’s new appearance as the caped crusader is coming 2021. Yet, due to how many villains there are and the amount of screen time, it has possibly been confirmed that it will be a 3 movie trilogy. What are your thoughts?

Are you just assuming or what’s the source? If true though then that’s more than fine with me!

Hollywood has treated “trilogy” as a buzzword ever since Peter Jackson inflicted 5000 hours of Middle Earth upon us nearly 2 decades ago. If they really want to impress me, they should tell me that they’re NOT planning a trilogy. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I think it’s a bit to early to tell. A lot of it will depend on how much the first movie makes. You don’t do trilogies for franchises that don’t economically support them.

And it was Lucas that gave the film workd the trilogy dating back 4 decades ago.

Star Wars and Indiana Jones certainly made the word “trilogy” a household term, but they didn’t cause the Tinseltown promotion machine to insist that every new film would be the first part of a trilogy. That’s a far more recent phenomenon.

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TX58 I don’t really have a source, I have just been scouring the internet and media to see anything. Yet, this caught my eye. Also, try to take it with a little grain of salt. This is just from some online sources. It might not be a reality. But, I really do think it will happen.

Desade, I really think that as well. Yet, if it does well, we could be looking at a trilogy

It’s really hard to keep one actor for 3 movies, we’ll get lucky if he even makes one. Bale is the true batman for making 3.

Lexcorp, yet I don’t think Christian Bale is coming back any time soon. I mean, he’s a great Batman. Yet, that was a long time ago. I don’t believe he will take back up the cowl.

Im not saying that bale is coming back, im saying we will be lucky if patman makes just one movie, let alone two or three. Most actors don’t stick around for trilogy’s unless they’re dedicated too it, contracts don’t mean anything to actors.

I for one am excited to see the movie and if it turns out well, I would like to see more.

Lexcorp, Pattinson has said he
Is enthusiastic about being the new Batman. He said he was exited when he first got to try on the bat suit. If this movie turns out good, who knows how long he will want to play Batman.

Are you nuts. Contracts are very important to actors, it’s how you get paid. If your agent didn’t work out a good deal, then you may look to renegotiate or exit. But knowing you have guaranteed money. Actors usually care.