Robert Pattinson as DCEU Batman

Hey everyone!! This is my first thread. I’m sure everyone has heard Robert Pattinson has been cast as the DCEU Batman. Very interesting. Not sure how to feel about it. What do you guys think? Sound off!!


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I think he has the potential to be great in the role, but personally I’m having trouble imagining what it would be like. I’ll wait until the movie release to judge, but it really does seem like an odd choice.

Hey, Vixenfan. The studios tend to get the casting choices right so I’m good with it.

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Oh, I’ll take chocolate!

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Vanilla and strawberry for me

Crud…I made my first posts awhile ago and had no idea about the ice cream rule! 0.0

I will hold off judgment until I see him in the role due to two words…
Michael. Keaton.
Remember he was only known as a comedic actor at the time and everyone thought he would not be good as Batman, but now he can be seen as the definitive one.

CaptainThunder ice cream sandwiches are also acceptable :sweat_smile::icecream::ice_cream:

Bad choice, my opinion

Based on Robert Pattinson acting record with film such as remember me I say he is an absolutely fantastic actor for and noir detective movie!!!

10 out of 10 casting choice, he knows what it’s like to follow purest creators vision look at twilight he came directly out of the book line for line and took it as seriously as he could knowing he was a bad film can’t respect anyone else more than that.

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@CaptThunder001 That means you owe us all ice cream now. With interest.

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What does this mean for his movies in relation to the DCEU. If they do another Justice League movie how are they gonna explain the new Batman?

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I just read that the villains are penguin and catwoman, "really " come on guys 100 of villains and this 2.
I believe they have to stop making Batman movies

He already played a dour billionaire in Cosmopolis, so I’d say he has the Bruce Wayne part down.


Wouldn’t be my first choice, but I’m optimistic. Out of the people they were likely considering, he was probably the better option.

I prefer an older Batman. And when casting a live-action Batman I tend to look for someone who looks like Alex Ross’ Bruce Wayne. Someone who puts the MAN in Batman.

Having said that, I can think of anyone that would check all my Bat-boxes. Affleck certainly was the closest. Like I said, I’m open and optimistic. Mostly because I trust Reeves and thought Pattinson was awesome in Good Time.

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He’s a fine actor. Provide a good story and good direction and it’ll be great. How many fans had “what the hey” knee jerk reactions to M. Keaton, H. Ledger, C. Bale, or even G. Gadot? It’s not just the DC fan base either. Marvel fanboys were in an uproar over some Aussie being cast as Wolverine in the MCU many years ago. Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man? They laughed. Pattinson will be great. No worries here.


Batman doesn’t Sparkle

If by being a glow in the dark shiny new gold coin casting, probably not. More interested in substance personally.