Road to DC Unlimited: Week 1 EVENTS!!! (Every New Comic 4/2)

After the announcement that everything is coming, DCU is starting with events!!!

The Event and many of the tie ins are coming. Starting with

Brightest Day! <-- Maybe the most significant Green Lantern Event of all time! Featuring every hero (basically becoming lanterns. DCU has put 116 comics in the current collection. I haven’t read it but I hear incredible things about it!

Dark Nights Metal!! <-- The perfect read to prep yourself for The DC Unlimited Update! This story will spin off into Justice League: No Justice coming to DCU in May. On top of that, this series is a joy to behold featuring the dark mulitverse and evil versions of Batmen. The effects of Dark Knights metal are being followed up on by every major comic book series!!! An absolute joy to behold!! Every Comic is here but you will have to search for the Evil Batmen individual stories.

Crisis on Infinite Earths <-- The perfect series to read if you are a fan of the Arrowverse. A version of this groundbreaking story is being adapted for CW. Great time to read it! Over 50 issues are here but only 50 issues are in the collection at the time of writing. Should be fixed soon!

Zero Hour: Crisis in Time! <-- Hal Jordan has officially lost it. This series is controversial as its a spiritual successor to Death of Superman but well worth your time! Currently 34 comics are in the list at this time

Invasion! <-- Another CW adapted story about the Dominators coming to invade Earth. This collection is at 35 issues right now.

and Legends! <-- Task Force X’s big introduction! Currently has 27 issues.

The Final Crisis! <-- The aftermath of Darkseid winning. At the moment 29 issues are on this collection

Finally, as far as I can tell, the other big additions is
The Power of Shazam #37-42
Superman/ Shazam: First Thunder #1 (back on DCU after taking a break since January)
Batman/ Huntress: Cry for Blood #1-6
Secret Six #1-6
There are a bunch of smaller additions so I thought we’d play scavenger hunt!!

Adventures of Superman #496 - 505, 516

Most other editions just include the tie-in I challenge you to find them all!

-Nathan Payson (You’re Friendly neighborhood reporter)!


CRY FOR BLOOD, BABY! One of the best Question stories ever written! A must read.


I’m really glad they put out more comics this week, even with unlimited on the horizon. It’s a tradition I hope they don’t get rid of when they drop the full library on us - it adds a little special something to quiet Monday nights.


Well every Monday Night the weeks editions will join it will just be single issues of a couple different series a little like in this report of mine

or exactly like. A little closer to how comics are normally released

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Yeah, that makes sense

When I got to meet the DCU team last week, I told them personally how much the mystery of the weekly comic drops excites us. I’m pretty sure we’ll keep seeing it happen.

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I mean, its less of a mystery then you think. At least when you are as good as me!!!. bwahahahahahahahahahaha!

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Your gonna be one busy dude

Never said I was going to read it all!

There are more than 29 issues of Final Crisis up right now because they dropped the tie in series separately from the main series and ongoing toe ins.

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One of the biggest challenges for us older readers is we’ve already read most of this stuff.

it’s fun to see it come in but the real fun with this exhaustive dump of over 20k comics is two-fold for the seasoned fan:

  1. there is going to be stuff I never read it …and I’ve been doing this since 1964!

  2. I no longer buy physical new Comics, instead I get to try to stay alive another year so I can read what I’m not buying right now here as part of the service.

The Netflix of comics: I pay a small monthly fee to continue my sad lifelong addiction!

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Jim Starlin Cosmic Odyssey was added here to

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Lots of single-issue goodness I did notice The Gury of Firestorm has has finally arrived …it’s only about 6 issues but it’s a nice start.

The Amethyst one issue has little to do with the Amethyst that many here love from back in the 80s… it’s the 13th issue, and by Keith Giffen…it’s the first 12-issue run that is the magic… this 13th issue unfortunately had more to do with trying to tie it all into the crisis…

I’ve read Zero Hour before and for anybody who wants to read it starts witch issue 3 and goes down to 0.


Zero Hour actually started with issue 4 which is currently missing.


I’m bummed that Invasion doesn’t include the JLI crossover issues.

For Zero Hour I just went based off of what was on here. I knew that it went backwards, but I forgot that it had issue 4.

I love Dark knights Metal !! if you guys haven’t checked it out, it is a must read!!! So many crazy, mysterious, Loveable moments. I love that everyone is involved not just the core JL.

I’m having a hard time getting into Dark Knights Metal. The beginning has been kind of a train wreck. Will give it some more time.

aphex978, I’m with you. I liked the arena scene, but after that it just falls apart. I think Snyder is trying to be Grant Morrison.

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