Road To DC Unlimited: New Comics This Week: The Modern Era of Comics and My Rebirth Reading Order( In Progress)

Hey Everyone! This week was a massive addition to the library with over 10,000 comics. As we speak the comics are in but not searchable yet. By morning the modern era filter will be MASSIVE. Now, a lot of people are like Dang it! No Rebirth. Well I’m under the assumption that’s coming next week so BE PATIENT in the meanwhile many DC Classics are joining the service including

Here’s a list DC Released of what’s new

I pulled a list of a couple of DC Essentials that are on here. Here are the DC Essentials according to their top 25 essential DC Graphic Novels on the list

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns <-- New
All-Star Superman <-- New
Batman: The Long Holloween <-- New
Kingdom Come <-- New
Batman: Dark Victory <-- New
Batman: Haunted Knight <-- New
Batman: The Dark Knight Returns: The Last Crusade <-- New (I think)
Batman: The Dark Knight Strikes Again <-- New
Blackest Night <-- New Tie Ins
Sinestro Corps War <-- New Tie Ins
Superman: Red Son <-- New
batman: Arkham Asylum <-- New
Batman and Son <-- New

This is just the tip of the iceberg of whats new. That’s why you can’t compain. Everything up there is one of the greatest DC Stories of All Time. If you’ve read all of them try one of these series with the great Nostradamus Don-El has Foretold that you will love

Don recommends
Adventure Comics (2009-) 522-529
Blue Devil (1984-) 1
Blue Devil (1984-) 8-31 (mostly)
Camelot 3000 (1982-) 12
Impulse (1995-) 1-89
Infinity Inc. (2007-) 1-53
DC One Million (1998-) 1 (A lot of “1’s” listed)
Legion of Super-Heroes (2007-) 37-50

Just to name a small few The Point is you will love something that you haven’t read yet

Part 2: My Reading Order for DC Universe In Progress
While I’m not ready to reveal the big 1.0 update I’ve been working on (Hit hour 6 of writing it today), I want to reveal why it is the perfect reading order to get you started. I have multiple categories for the reading order which will constantly be edited every week with new ways to do your reading order and more. The Reading order will have the following categories:

The Reading Order are broken up into Levels
Level 1. There’s not a lot to read and the series are incredible
Level 2. There’s some continuity requirements but it can be figured out.
Level 2s. Not a lot to read but a more continuity difficulties and not all series are good
Level 3. There is a lot to read and some continuity difficulties.
Level 4. Level 3 But not all series are great
Level 5. Lots to read!! Decent number of continuity frustrations

  1. New to Rebirth? (Level 1) Complete

  2. Rebirth’s Highlights! (Level 2) Complete

  3. Rebirth Fast Track (Level 3) Complete

  4. Rebirth by Family (Depends on which)
    Superman (Level 4) Complete
    Batman (Level 4) Complete
    Flash and Titans Family (Level 3) Complete
    Green Lantern (Level 2)

  5. Dark Night and New Justice - on (Level 2s)

  6. DC Rebirth after reboots (Level 4)

  7. DC Rebirth in its entirety (Level 5)

  8. Upcoming: DC by Writer

So I still have a decent amount to go but 1 more week to finish. The doc is already 25 whole pages long and should double by release. I’ve done my best to give you choices and I hope you enjoy them

Now I don’t know about you but I’m going to enjoy All-Star Superman Tomorrow. When there’s so much great stuff, what can you hate? Especially when you know Rebirth is coming. Also GO WATCH JUSTICE LEAGUE VS. THE FATAL FIVE!!

1 or 2 weeks to go till Rebirth

I hope you enjoyed this entry of The Road to the DC Unlimited Update (Which I’ll call DC Ultimate everywhere else).

This series is tracking the journey to the Ultimate DC Library and preparing you along the way.

-Nathan.Payson (You’re Friendly Neighborhood Reporter)


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