Road to DC Unlimited: New 52 and DC Rebirth up to a Year and 3 weeks ago!

DC Universe has arrived at Rebirth and I could not be more excited. I have SO SO SO SO Much to read not including last weeks classic additions and DCU Book Clubs Epic Swamp Thing Run!

The three big additions are:

Flashpoint: Rougly 62 issues of tie ins to Flashpoint are here! Almost of them are really fun in various ways. Go read them!

New 52: It’s here in all its wonderful (and sad) glory. While New 52 overall wasn’t received great, mostly due to too much content and some bad series. The Highlights were actually pretty good! Here’s a couple of the best series

Green Lantern
Swamp Thing
Animal Man
Wonder Woman

DC has a full collection for the best New 52 series here:

(Also remember at launch there were 52 series)

Rebirth: If you aren’t happy about the rebirth library coming to DC then I’m going to cry…
I’m back! A fantastic set of series with WAY TOO MANY GOOD STUFF! Now though, I can read them ALL!! My favorite rebirth series are

  1. Batman
  2. Supersons
  3. Aquaman
  4. Detective Comics
  5. Superman
  6. Action Comics
  7. Green Arrow
  8. All-Star Batman
  9. Green Lanterns
  10. New Super-man

Note Flash is 11

Now, the update only added up to 1 year and 3 weeks ago so today! However, this was this weeks new Rebirth comics (if everything else had just got here). Next to it will be the Comic Book Round Up Score if the review is there

Batgirl #21 (7.7)
Batman Beyond #18 (7.1)
Dark Nights Metal #6 (8.4)
Detective Comics #977 (8.2)
Doomsday Clock #4 (8.5)
Flash #43 (8.0)
Gotham City Garage #12 //final issue
Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #41 (7.2)
Hellblazer #20 (7.4)
Injustice 2 #51 (9.1)
Justice League of America #27 (6.5)
Mera Queen of Atlantis #2 (7.6)
Mother Panic Gotham AD #1
Mystik U #3 //Final issue (8.1)
Raven Daughter of Darkness #3 (7.2)
Silencer #3 (8.0)
Suicide Squad #38 (6.3)
Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay #2 (8.4)
Teen Titans #18 (7.6)
Terrifics #2 (8.4)
Trinity #20 (6.2)
Wonder Woman #43 (5.9)

Note: There were smaller series that may or may not have come to this week!

Dark Nights: Metal #6 if you haven’t already
Doomsday Clock #4 One way to consider reading Doomsday is reading #1-4 and then waiting for #12.
Teen Titans #18 The series is one issue away from its finale and everything is ramping up!
Batgirl #21 James Gordon and Barbara are teaming up!!

Raven: Daughter of Darkness #3 (The reviews only get worse)
Batman Beyond #18 - It’s a lackluster filler issue.

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps: Zod’s Will (Vol. 6)
Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps: #37-41

When Green Lanterns Hal Jordan and Kyle Rayner arrive on a primitive planet to investigate reports of alien interference with the local population, they’re shocked to discover that Superman’s Kryptonian foe General Zod and his family have taken over the planet, not as conquerors, but as gods who are being eagerly worshipped!

That’s the general format!
Hope you enjoyed the possible end of the Road to DC Unlimited.

-Nathan.Payson (You’re friendly neighborhood reporter)

Want to know what’s coming up? Here’s a list of what the next month should look like!

What to know what order to read all this stuff? Here’s my 54 page DC rebirth reading order

Want to read the highlights of rebirth? This week I’m reading The War of Jokes and Riddles!

Want to read epic runs of DC? The next three weeks DCU Book Club is reading Saga of the Swamp Thing


@ mod can you move this to comics THANKS IN ADVANCE!!

I liked the New 52. I think its given some characters some of their best runs like Batman and Wonder Woman and Aquaman.

Also Flashpoint and the Flashpoint movie are amazing.

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Can anyone find The Flash Rebirth #1 special. In the series it just has two issue #1’s with the same comic.

It’s in the Flash (2016) series.

Open it to read it’s just The Flash #1 2016 not the Rebirth issue.

This is the one I’m looking for

If you click on flash (2016) the series will show in this order

Flash #1
Flash annual #1
Flash Rebirth#1
Flash #2

It’s the third issue in the list.

On my screen it says Flash Rebirth #1 but when you open it it’s Flash #1. I think they mixed it up. Both issues have the same content.

Report that to tech then!