[Road to 5G] All the 5G Stories (So far) EXPLAINED!

All the 5G stories SO FAR Explained

Wonder Woman #750 "Brave New World"
  • Wonder Woman is revealed to be the first hero of DC and appears during World War 2 by saving Roosevelt.
  • Alan Scott with a Green Lantern Ring is inspired.
  • Death Valley Project mysteriously referenced.
  • Ends with The Beginning….
Flash #750 "At the Starting Line"
  • Jay Garrick fights Clifford Devoe the Thinker in 1940.
  • Jay worries that he won’t be remembered in history and wonders if he should give up the superhero life.
  • He has already met Joan.
  • “Brave New World” is referenced.
  • Jay got his powers before Wonder Woman’s reveal
  • Became the Flash after WW’s reveal
  • Ends "To be continued in the Flash in 2020.
Flash #750 "Flash Forward Epilogue"
  • Wally discovers that the various timelines we have experience throughout time are part of the same earth, but operating separately all the same.
  • Wally observed differences in his origin story and looked at events including Hal Jordan as Parallax, Spectre vs. the original mechanical anti-monitor, the wildstorm characters, the post-return of Superman Justice League, and Owlman sitting on the Morbius Chair (before Dr. Manhattan kills him)
  • Wally then feels the events of Snyder’s Justice League as the timeline shifts and the Legion of Superheroes(with Jon Kent) and the JSA reappear.
  • He realizes that time though adjusted isn’t fixed and is causing the multiverse to spiral out of control.
  • He then observes parallels between different eras of DC Comics, his origin vs. New 52, the Silver Age Teen Titans founding vs. the New 52 era, and the Flash Family pre and post flashpoint.
  • Wally then sees different current events going on at the timeline (but none of them during justice-doom war). Aquaman #57, Leviathan Dawn #1, Green lantern: Season 2 #1, and Superman #17 (The Mongal fight).
  • He then is asked by Tempus to fix it.
  • TO BE CONTINUED IN Generation Zero: Gods among us.

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Do you think the Flash Forward series should be included on this list?

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No. It’s in my road to 5G reading order. However, I don’t recommend reading Flash Forward at all. Flash Forward is really about getting Wally to the Morbius chair and filling up time until it happens. Flash Forward is only the second time DC has noted the duel continuities are taking place in Rebirth (Batman/Flash: The Button is the other one). Flash Forward’s epilogue leans into that and notes many of these duel moments in time before Wally becomes Doctor Manhattan.

The noting of the duel moments in time and deciding to fix it is the (likely) trigger for 5G which we will see in Generations Zero: Gods Among Us. As such, it’s so essential to the reboot of the timeline that I feel like I have to include it in 5G.


Makes sense!