#RIP My Comic Store (In Memoriam of Comic Stores Lost)

This is a thread to celebrate your favorite comic store that couldn’t make it through financial realities of comic sales, pandemic ect…

I want to highlight my renaissance in the world of comics with the now defunct DETROIT COMICS which intro’d me to the Green Lantern Sinestro War, BLACK SUMMER, The Boys, Walking Dead, Henry and Glen, and so many other notable comics of the era

This was a “cool” spot without the trappings of traditional comic stores and a punk aesthetic that made it the Metro Times (detroit weekly) “comic store safe for women”

free comic day launched and was a day to to hang out and rip a beer from the keg and meet dark horse or Mouse Guard Artists.

This was the first time a found a comic shop that was equally accepting of weirdos, punks, queers, and societally fringe folks while also offering a mainstream comics and framing it as something we should care about.

I left Detroit for LA in 2013 and I heard that the shop folded in the late 2010’s. I have gone through the closure of a shop here but no spot bums me out like the closure of Detroit Comics. Hats off to Brian, Worm, and Jamie…the incredible staff who re-engaged me with comics and literally made comics cool, fun, adult, and inviting


Rest in Peace.


Flashpoint, Port Jefferson, NY (Long Island)
This was the first Comic shop that was my frequent weekly haunt.
(I had been to other comic shops before but always on a very few and far between basis…and usually at the mercy of my parents willingness to drive to the location in question!)
Flashpoint had everything you. could want in the early 90s Back issues, Current releases, Action figures new and old, Posters, T-shirts etc… Every February they would have their month long sales extravaganza called Flash-bruary! where the amount of comics you bought in a visit would earn you “Flash-Bucks” to spend as you liked on anything in the store which made certain harder to afford items slightly more within a given person’s budget.
(The biggest problem with the Flash bucks is that the Presidential portrait was of Spiderman spinning a Dollar on his finger like a basketball and not a picture of the Flash)
Eventually, the store closed down in the mid 90s (Sometime after I had already moved on to New Jersey and later back to Connecticut) But the memory of Flashpoint (The Comic Store) still holds a special place in my heart.


My high school dealer closed in 2018. But now hes back helping someone back on the main street. Heroes and Heroines in Wilmette Il. Awesome how that works.