RIP Animal Man On DC Universe

As some of you are aware the Grant Morrison run on Animal Man will no longer be on DC Universe come May 1st. Let’s all take a moment of silence for our fallen, weird as hell, comic series.

P.S. If you don’t think it’s weird, Grant Morrison is literally a character in the story.


Luckily i have the full run in my collection.

[insert silence here]


I wasn’t a huge fan of it, but here’s a moment of silence out of respect for all of you who did


I’ve been having a blast moving through it. This is my first time foing so. Truog’s pencils have a yesteryear feel to them. A terrific springboard for Morrison.

Maybe I shouldn’t call attention to this, but I don’t understand why Animal Man is being removed when it wasn’t branded as a Vertigo title until way after the run that’s currently on DCU, especially when there are so many Vertigo era Doom Patrols not being removed and the Brian K Vaughan Swamp Thing was just added.

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Why are some of the comics only on the site temporarily? I can’t read 8500 new comics in any hurry. So much stuff won’t ever get read by a lot of peeps if it’s only available for a few months. That’s also gonna seriously impact my lists…

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Doom Patrol and Swamp Thing also have current and forthcoming TV shows their comic material can tie into.

If an Animal Man show should come along, I imagine the Vertigo book would come back to tie into it.

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It sounds like Animal Manis the exception because Vertigo books aren’t part of the program unless it directly relates to DCU original programming – that’s why Doom Patrol and Saga of the Swamp Thing are staying while adding new titles like Flex Mentallo.

As for me, I remember going through it once in high school but never came back to it. I’m definitely reading through the whole run before the end of April.