Ridiculous Elseworlds Pitch

Ever since the release of Batman: Gotham by Gaslight, the Elseworlds line has been a defining piece of DC’s library. But they can’t all be as good as Red Sun or Kingdom Come. Because Elseworlds gives us a chance to visit some… weird worlds. So what ones can you think of. I’ll go first:

Beuce Wayne was the son of billionaire Doctor Thomas Wayne, and socialite Martha Wayne. But after leaving a baseball game, the three were stopped by a simple mugger, and the elder Waynes were shot and killed, leaving Bruce alone with a thirst for vengeance.

Years later, after traveling the world training for his eventual war on crime, Bruce sat in his father’s study, meditating on how to put fear into the hearts of criminals. And then, the window shattered, and through it burst… a ball!. A baseball!

“That’s it, father,” Bruce proclaimed. “I shall be a bat! A baseball bat!”

And so, Batman was born!


OK, so the post is funny, but I’m more befuddled by the fact that DCU has a Hawkeye tag. Was somebody shooting for Green Arrow and missed?


@BatJamags They also have Suberboy


@BatJamags, that’s why I used it. I figured had probably only been used sparingly, and I felt bad for it. Same reason all of my posts are tagged with Hourman.

But yeah, why is it there? And why do we have Hawkeye and not Ambush Bug?


I’d been meaning to ask about the Hourman thing, too. This is a very educational thread!

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Superman crashes in Nebraska and is found by he kindly couple of Peter and Cathy Jacobs. On the verge of loosing his battle to Batman, he whispers “save Cathy” Batman responds “I’m Batman” and with nothing to connect him to the Kryptonian, he kills him.


With a baseball bat made out of Kryptonite.

Batman: He’ll take you out to more than the ball game.

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LOL. That is an interesting “Pitch”.

Someone has got MLB season on their mind XD


Ambush Bug Kills the DC Universe. Come on, it’d be great! All I keep hearing from DC is it’d be utterly unrealistic. “No one would believe this would ever happen anywhere in any universe. You couldn’t kill Condiment King if you tried.” Which is what makes it the most unexpected and incredible event since Seven Soldiers! (No one thought Zatanna would be brought back into the limelight either, and she killed a few people ACCIDENTALLY!)

You sir are a genius and I am prepared to offer you all my money and my family

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A grim and gritty reimagining of The Flash where he exposes himself to random citizens of Central City.


@Jay_Kay, is that the same universe as Batman: Damned?

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Batman never loses his parents but eventually as a teen he rebels then goes around the world becoming the greatest twerker. This story shall be called: Booty Bat


So stupid… I LOVE IT!

Alfred…I’m trying to sneak around…but I’m dummy thicc, and the clap of my ass-cheeks are alerting the thugs…