What do you think if Jesse Eisenberg played the riddler instead of lex Luthor, because I think that would be a better casting decision.


Seeing Eisenburg as Nigma would’ve been a much better fit, agreed. I really feel Hollywood just doesn’t “get” Luthor, and they always fabricate him in some other fashion. Is it so hard to ask for someone to cast Billy Zane and be done with it? The man has the charisma, the face, the perfect cueball insanity…just saying… ;D


I would definitely like to see Zane as The Riddler. We need more Zane

Billy Zane will always be the Phantom to me, but I think he’d be equally good as a Lex.

Ever since watching Breaking Bad, I thought Bryan Cranston would be a good Lex. I hadn’t considered Billy Zane, but now that I think about it, he already has experience playing an evil manipulative rich guy from his role in Titanic so Lex should be no problem for him.

As for Eisenberg as The Riddler, he would be good for the more manic version of the Riddler in the spirit of Gorshin and Carrey’s performances. If it’s the subdued mastermind styled Riddler like the ones found in BTAS or the Arkham series, I think Kevin Bacon would be a better casting choice than Eisenberg.

Eisenberg as Luthor was one of the worst miss castings ever. Cringeworthy. Would have been fine as The Riddler…even that annoying twitch would have worked for the character. As for Luthor, as long as Clancy Brown is around, there’s no better voice to play the part (he’s every bit as iconic as Conroy is to Batman)…and I’d wager he’d even be a solid choice to play a live action version of the character. He just looks sinister and devious.

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I most certainly agree with you! Mr. Eisenberg’s comedic approach should be more fitting for the Man of Puzzles & Riddles! I think maybe someone like Matt Damon perhaps should be the Lex in front of the Corps.