Riddle Me This - It's Riddling Time!

Greetings peons and nitwits,

Your good pal, The Riddler, is back again to have some fun on this trivial of Tuesdays.

If you don’t know how this works (we go through this every week), every Tuesday I will be presenting you with a Riddle to challenge your puny minds. Remember the rules - No cheating or Googling. If you can answer the first riddle, a second will follow suit in the comments below.

Let’s have some fun!!

“Who shot her?” cried Ivy as she rushed into the hospital three minutes after her lover, Harley died from a bullet through her head.

“Just a minute, Ivy,” said Commissioner Gordon. “We’ll have to ask you a few questions-routine, you know. You have been living in the same house with Harleen, have you not?”

“That’s right,” replied Ivy.

“Had any trouble recently?”

“Well, yesterday, when I told her I was going on a business trip, she threatened to commit suicide. In fact, I grabbed a bottle of iodine from her as she was about to drink it. When I left last night around seven, however, telling her I was spending the night with friends outside of Gotham, sh e made no objection. Returning to town this afternoon,” continued Ivy, “I called my home and the maid answered.”

“Just what did she say?” inquired Gordon.

“‘Oh, Miss Ivy, they took poor mistress to Gotham General Hospital about half an hour ago. Please hurry to her.’ “She was crying, so I couldn’t get anything else out of her; then I hurried here. Where is she?”

“The nurse will direct you,” said Gordon with a nod.

“A queer case, this, Commissioner,” said Inspector Grayson. “These moderns are a little too much for me, I’m afraid. Two reformed female criminals in love and living together!”

“A queer case indeed, Inspector,” mused Gordon, “and you’d better detain Ivy. If she didn’t shoot her, I’m confident she knows who did.”

Why did the Commissioner advise the Inspector to detain Ivy?


Why is it always poor Harley gets hurt in your riddles?


Because I despise clowns!!!

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You mean hello, Vroom?

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How does she know Harley was shot?


Not even a hello! He just floats in and spoils the game.

Well done, moro.


Would you like another one?

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Because the half an hour ago along with arriving 3 minutes after didn’t add up.


@The Riddler I did indeed mean hey, how ya be, s’cookin, how’s it going, how’s it hanging, sup gee, wuzzzz uuuuppp, and various other popular nomenclature utilized to signify “hello” as you aptly and succinctly put it.

Want to go to a movie? C’mon…your treat :wink:


I appreciate the greeting, but the grammar is awful.

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The maid also didn’t mention Harley being shot and that is what Ivy asked upon arrival at the hospital

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Tick Tock, gents. I have a date with Applejack in a few.

MxyzptlKit and moro killed this one. Do you guys want one more before I try to woo the lady?

If by “date” you mean “a romantic evening locked away in a padded cell”, mush-for-brains.


oh I missed it

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I blame Vroom for this!! Ok, last one and then I am leaving you numbskulls!

GCPD raided a house to arrest a suspected murderer after receiving an anonymous phone call. They don’t know what the man looks like but they know his name is Mick and that he is reportedly inside this house in the outskirts of Gotham. The police bust in on a carpenter, a lorry driver, a mechanic and a fireman playing cards. Without hesitation or communication of any kind, they immediately arrest the fireman.

How do they know they’ve got their man?

@AJ will you both be in the padded cell LOL


Keep it clean, @AquamonC137!


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