Rick Mother F@%king Grayson

How does everyone feel about Dick Grayson going by Rick now?

Indifferent. I understand the point of going this direction, but it doesnt matter if he is dick or rick, we all know who he really is. And thats not going to change.

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No big deal. One is just as much a nickname for Richard as the other is.

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They changed his name? I didn’t catch that. Guess I’m just used to Dick. DC probably just didn’t want any jokes filling up the threads. Dick is pretty old fashioned. Remember he was named that in the 40s


Not a huge fan so far, but waiting to see how it turns out.


That’s not his name

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Patrick meme with part of his name being erased to Rick comes to mind.

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I have enough problems with the name Donald I’d hate to think if my mom had called me that other name

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Im in it for the ride. I dont love the idea or the story so far, but I enjoy the risk DC is taking with the character and find solace in the fact that it will all be erased soon.

The most dissappointing part is that Ben Percy had his run cut short, and he (the guy who turned Ollie to a werewolf) didnt like the direction and left the book.

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I get he’s got an old fashioned name but we got Harold “Hal” Jordan, Clark Kent, Diana Prince, Alan Scott. Many old fashioned names. I get it, Dick, hilarious. But the fans didn’t care. I think its all for dramatic effect.

And there’s Bruce Wayne. In the old Incredible Hulk show they changed Bruce Banner to David because they thought it was too gay.

I just don’t get it. A names a name, no big deal