Rhode Island Comic Con Goodies

I got back from Rhode Island Comic Con a few days ago, although I was only there for one day. I had made plans originally because several Doom Patrol cast members were supposed to be there, but all but two of them cancelled (getting ready for a fifth season? Who knows?). Anyhow, I did manage to get some cool autographs and some four color treasures, so I thought I’d post photos. Here they are:

It was great to meet them all, being a big DC fan. Sadly, Tara Strong told me that DC Superhero Girls does not look like it’ll be coming back, so that’s disappointing. Mr. Wade was very friendly and even reached out for a handshake, which I gladly accepted. In other words, he pretty much came across as he is on the show, which was very nice. Mr. Sheppard was quite chatty with people and I was surprised at the sleeve tattoo he had on his right arm. I think I was lucky that I got there fairly early, since the crowd hadn’t yet gotten too big and congested.


Do not be sad it ended. Be glad it happened.

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Well, I do have the whole series on Vudu, so there’s that.

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