Rewriting Origins: Famous Examples

This topic is too help keep track of how DC characters have been rewritten over the years. Any era is fine but it has to be a contradiction of established lore.

Jason Todd. Circus folk or street punk? You decide.

Jason is an obvious example.

Damian Wayne was originally a full grown man who already owned everything Rh’as had, and he was in league with Lex Luther and Vandal Savage.

Hawkman from Carter to Katar to both at the same time in different ways.

Green Lantern from time displaced dad struggling but trying to understand his gay son to a gay man.

Doomsday was later given an origin instead of just being a mysterious force of nature (that lost to Clark).

Very mild example. Originally all Kryptonians naturally had powers on Krypton, but then the yellow sun piece was written in.

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Brainiac repeatedly shifts from being an alien from the planet Colu to an A.I that caused the destruction of Krypton. (Sometimes a mix.)


Hunteress, mafia princess or daughter of Catwoman and Batman on earth 2


Hawkman: Carter Hall or Katar Hol

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