Rewrite the DCEU

It’s kind of hard to say where the DCEU is going. If I could rewrite/tweak the entire universe, here’s how I would do it all the way up to The Suicide Squad (including removing some films that probably will make everything better if they weren’t included):

Man of Steel
Wonder Woman
The Flash
Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice
Zack Snyder’s Justice League
Birds of Prey (Without Harley Quinn)
James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad

Would this be a rewrite that you guys would agree with for the DCEU?


Instead of suicide squad I would’ve given James Gunn lobo, booster gold, or plastic man. This is the kind of tone I envisioned for the suicide squad.

James Gunn’s film is well made but his style just doesn’t fit the squad in my opinion.


Understandable. He brings his vibe lol. I honestly wasn’t a fan of Shazam despite of how well it did for everyone else.


I like Wonder Woman, Shazam, Batman vs Superman ultimate cut, and the JL Snyder cut. Man of steel is also a good movie but I felt like it was missing something.


Nope. Ditch continuity entirely.


Since you want a list here it goes.

Justice Society (Grundy as the villain)

World War II

Injustice Society

Flash (Icicle as villain)

Psycho Pirate vs. the JSA

America vs. The Justice Society


Infinity Inc

Death of the Justice Society

Dr. Mid-Nite

Mr. Terrific

Stars and STRIPE


Justice be Done

Darkness Falls

The Hunt for Extant

The Return of Hawkman


Stealing Thunder

Black Adam vs Captain Marvel

Princes of Darkness

Thanksgiving Special

Black Reign

Rescue Operation


Black Vengeance

Thy Kingdom Come


Along with changing movies conceptually I’d change who directed some movies.

1st movie: “Superman” directed by Todd Helbing (Superman & Lois show runner)
2nd movie: “Batman” directed by Matt Reeves
3rd movie: “Wonder Woman” I could go either way Patty Jenkins or not atm
4th movie: Shazam & Cyborg duo-movie directed by Matthew Vaughn
5th movie: “Green Lantern”
6th movie: “Justice League” co-directed by 2 previous directors I listed
7th movie: “The Suicide Squad” still directed by James Gunn
8th movie: “The Flash” directed by Andy Muschietti
9th movie: “Shazam” with Superman cameo directed by David F. Sandberg
10th movie: “Birds of Prey” with Batman cameo
11th movie: “Black Adam”

Conceptual changes:

  • Superman would be a Dad, experienced hero in his 1st movie.

  • Shazam’s already a hero in the duo movie, it’d show Cyborgs origin. Similar dynamic to “Justice League War”. After credits: Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman appear to recruit them. Suprise Pikachu face

  • Green Lantern takes place off Earth and would fight Steppenwolf in their film and set up events for Darkseid’s invasion of Earth.

  • Justice League will also introduce Flash as everyone else is recruited already and Green Lantern joins with warning that Darkseid’s going to invade.

  • The Flash film will be timey-wimey including roles of varying degrees for previously introduced characters including villains who were introduced or killed in “The Suicide Squad”

  • Shazam movie will also be a hint at Black Adam who’ll have his solo movie + be in The Legion of Doom down the line. Also in the JSA for Black Adam they’ll have Hawkgirl who’ll join the Justice League down the line in a JL vs Legion of Doom movie “Justice League: Doom” .


Speaking of cameos and roles, would’ve been cool if The Suicide Squad fought a hero like Batman who was interfering with the mission, trying to prevent these villains from killing anyone else, and putting a stop to Waller’s plans especially but idk if that could’ve improved the story or hurt it. Ik Superman was initially an idea which of whom was going to be included in the film as the main anatagonist but it was scrapped. Either way I still loved what James Gunn did.


It doesn’t need to be ditched. But the upcoming Flash movie sounds like it will be rebooting the universe, taking the things that worked in the previous movies (Wonder Woman, Shazam, Aquaman, Flash), and merging those into a new universe with a new Batman and a new Superman.


I think it would have been a horrible idea to have a Batman solo film so soon after The Dark Knight Rises. Man of Steel was already pushing it by doing a Superman origin story a mere two years after the finale of Smallville.

Thus, the first change I would make to the DCEU would be in its very first film. Man of Steel is basically Donner’s Superman duology remade to resemble Nolan’s Batman Begins. That’s a decision that makes little sense to me. I’d rather open the film with Superman as a presence in Metropolis, even if it’s just a month into his time there, when he’s still thought to be little more than a rumor (a la Burton’s Batman).

I’d prefer something like Morrison’s take on Superman’s early career, but I recognize that Goyer had already written the script by the time that the New 52 started, so that’s not a practical wish. At the very least, I’d like the invading force to be led by someone other than General Zod, since that’s been done. Again, I’m leaning toward Morrison’s choice of Brainiac, but there are other evil Kryptonians out there.

So I’d still go with a Superman film as the opening act, but then I’d move up Suicide Squad before BvS. Why? Because that film would offer the chance to establish the DCEU Batman without giving him a solo movie so soon after Nolan’s trilogy. Task Force X is formed in direct response to the invasion from MoS, and the Squad is sent to capture the Joker, who has absconded with some of the Kryptonian technology for nefarious purposes. Batman is also after the Joker, of course, and things take a bad turn when Enchantress turns on the team and begins enacting her own evil plans.

Batman v Superman would be mostly the same for the first two hours. The difference is that the film wouldn’t have to do all the heavy lifting in establishing the DCEU’s traumatized and paranoid take on Batman. Speaking of the Caped Crusader, he would still be excessively violent, but he wouldn’t actually kill anyone directly. He needs to be crossing a line for the first time when he tries to stab Superman with the spear. The “Martha” scene would need to be handled a tad more elegantly, and we’d need a previous scene explicitly showing Clark doing some research on Bruce’s past.

The biggest changes to BvS would come at the end. Bruce doesn’t send an email to Diana Prince…yet. In fact, he doesn’t check the Wonder Woman file until the very end of the film. Thus, there’s no major setup for the League in this film. Also, Lex Luthor doesn’t make Doomsday: he makes Bizarro. Batman and Superman work together and manage to kill the monstrous clone with the spear. Superman lives.

Next up is the Wonder Woman movie. It’s pretty much the same except for the opening scene, since Diana is now seeing for the first time that Bruce knows about her past. Otherwise, I’d probably make some adjustments to the confrontation with Ares at the very end, resolving things without a big silly CGI battle.

The very next film would be Dawn of Justice, which would take some of the ideas from the final half hour of BvS and do them right. Luthor had warned that something was coming from the sky, and it has: Doomsday. With the help of Amanda Waller, Bruce manages to track down Arthur Curry, and we get the Aquaman arc from Justice League here. The film’s climax would feature Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Martian Manhunter (!) taking on Doomsday. Superman dies at the end, and we get the two funerals. Steppenwolf would be teased at the end.

Aquaman gets his solo film in the interim between DoJ and Justice League. It would be pretty much the same, albeit perhaps a tad less jokey. Just a tad.

Next up is Justice League. The biggest change would be the lack of Aquaman’s arc, since I’ve moved it to a previous film. Instead, he would try (unsuccessfully) to protect the Atlantean Mother Box, and he would feel compelled to rejoin the League near the end of the film as a result. Much of Batman’s redemption has been moved to that previous film as well, so the focus will be primarily on the new members, Flash and Cyborg.

For the most part, it would be the same film as the Snyder Cut, albeit shorter since it isn’t having to establish everything itself. I’d scrap the notion that Darkseid had found the Anti-Life Equation on Earth in the past, since that raises the question of why he didn’t try harder to invade the planet again at a later date.

Shazam, Birds of Prey, Wonder Woman 1984, and The Suicide Squad all have some things about them that I would change, but those changes would have little to do with the larger DCEU storyline, so I won’t bother breaking them down.


Found this video

Still my favorite suicide squad film

Love the JLU animated episode as well.


I would of started with the justice league crisis then start movies from there

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Excuse the brain dump:

  • Give Superman/Clark more dialog and make him more hopeful.
  • Make the Batman Superman movie more about how they come together as the World’s Finest, instead of them fighting each other.
  • Nix the rage with Batman.
  • Instead of introducing Diana in Batman V Superman, the solo movie we got was a fine introduction.
  • After those three movies and before Justice League, make a Trinity movie. Show us how the three come together foreshadowing the start/foundation of a Justice League.
  • Introduce the rest of the JL in solo or team up movies, with cameos from the Trinity.
  • Make Justice League after the above movies. Green Lantern and Martian Manhunter should be main members.
  • Don’t turn Superman, or any of the heroes evil, even if it’s just mind control. No Knightmare world.
  • No Suicide Squad or Birds of Prey, until JL is established. Go bananas after that.
  • As far as overall tone, be consistent, and keep it somewhere between Marvel cheekiness and BvS darkness. I feel like Zack Snyder’s Justice League hit the nail on the head; that should have been the tone they went with from the beginning.

Or… you know… just finish what you started and give us a proper conclusion to Zack Snyder’s Justice League. I mean… Darkseid is readying the armada, is he not?


A thought I’ve had in the past that could have been an interesting way to sort of address the problem of BVS having so many things to establish and do is this: what if, instead of a Batman V Superman movie, there was a Batman V Superman trilogy?

I’ve thought of something like this:

You first start with Man of Steel 2, which further establishes how the world deals with the fact that there is this super-powerful, god-like being on Earth, and how they feel about him affecting their world. I think a more Earth-based villain would work best for this, so I’m thinking someone like Metallo or Parasite would work best, with of course Luthor working behind the scenes. This way, people will start to be more fearful of Superman as he’s not just fighting alien hordes anymore.

One of the people expressing his opinion on things would be Bruce Wayne. Maybe while Clark is trying to figure out how Luthor is connected to things, he meets a mysterious woman named Diana who helps him out in exchange for getting access to Luthor’s servers.

Then we get the next movie, which is something like Batman: Fallen Knight. Here this would have Batman’s downfall into apathy and despair as he’s faced with the propsect that his 20 years of fighting crime in Gotham has not only not done anything, but made things worse. I think for this movie you could have Two-Face and/or Hugo Strange getting into Bruce’s head. Another foil for this would be Clark Kent, who is writing an expose on Batman in his spare time and how he’s made things worse for Gotham. We’d also see Diana approach Bruce because now she needs the server stuff decrypted. Maybe we can even add the Knightmare scenes in there as well.

This would then culminate in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, where Lex Luthor sets the two up into a confrontation, they realize they’ve been set up, partly thanks to Wonder Woman’s appearance, and the three face off against Luthor and his ultimate hail mary plot to destroy them all, Doomsday.


I like a lot of the ideas I’ve seen posters bring forth so far. At this point I would just prefer they continue with current continuity. I hate seeing actors leave and character arcs being stunted because WB panics. I love the Snyder films but if I had to rewrite the DCEU I would probably start with Justice League as the establishing film.

From there I think it would be interesting to alternate between team-up films between 2 heroes and then have a whole ensemble for the next film. I wouldn’t do solo/origin movies at this point unless the character has not been established by the wider audience.


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I think the key thing I would change if I had a time machine to go back and remake the DCEU would be NOT to build it off Man of Steel. Now, listen, Man of Steel is a decent movie and I really love Henry Cavill, but that was a film clearly not interested in building a full universe and has a tone that has been VERY limiting thus far.

Man of Steel wanted to take on a grounded, gritty, realistic look at Superman. Which, while fun for a summer flick, isn’t exactly the best tone for the rest of the universe nor Superman in future films. It’s limiting. It makes it difficult for new directors and visionaries to have different styles. They can say that Shazam! and BvS are in the same universe, but nothing about them feel connected.

I get that the MCU can be a bit one dimensional at times, but at the end of the day they all feel like they take place in the same world while also being unique and different depending on the characters. The experience you get watching GotG vs. Doctor Strange vs. Black Panther are all different while not feeling totally devoid of one another.

Choosing to build off of Man of Steel made it difficult for other films to do anything because they were stuck in this darker and grittier universe that had little fun in it. While leaving the few films that do break that tone/visual style feeling completely disconnected.

Honestly, I think building an entire universe off of Green Lantern (2011) would have been best. It’s not a great movie, but not every film in a universe needs to be. It had a pretty open tone and a decent cast that allowed for some decent expansion in the future.

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DC has characters with different tones who lend themselves to different styles. That’s a strength, not a weakness. The mistake was trying to connect everything because then you end up limiting your film and cheating your audience. Lobo, Jonah Hex, sgt rock, justice league dark, etc. all different and unique who’s differences should be leaned upon instead of turned away from. And “fun” in my opinion, is just code for not trying hard or caring about your final product/film. I hate formulaic films. unless the formula you’re trying to apply fits to that particular character or story. But when you try to make EVERYTHING feel the same, it just comes off as a cheap gimmicky cash grab.


My entire response centered around this point. I say it all right here.

I disagree with you firmly that having them connect was wrong. The MCU formula isn’t the only way to do it and DC could go their own route. If they can connect in the comics despite their different styles and tones, they can do it in movies.

DC’s mistake was building off a movie that had a very singular and limiting tone/vision.

The consequences of Infinity war were rendered useless and redundant because of endgame. I don’t see the benefits of a connected universe for the audience/customer. It benefits the studios for sure though

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