Rewatching all DC Films from 1978 to Present

I’m going through all movies based on DC comics, starting with Superman: The Movie. So far I’ve watched the following:

Superman: The Movie
Superman II
Swamp Thing
Superman III
Superman IV: The Quest for Peace
The Spirit (1987)
Return of Swamp Thing

My thoughts so far: Louis Jourdan was wasted as the villain in both Swamp Thing movies. He played a good villain but deserved better scripts and direction. I was impressed with how good the Swamp Thing costume looked, especially in the sequel.

Superman: The Movie and Superman II were both good and Superman IV was better than I thought it would be. It did a decent job of blending humor with action. Superman III was lousy and Supergirl was awful.

The Spirit would have been a fun series back in the mid/late 80s and it’s a shame it didn’t get picked up.

I’m looking forward to the Batman movies that are next on my list and believe the worst is behind me. It’s been a LOT of Krypton/Metropolis and the swamp so far!

Any thoughts on the films I’ve already seen? Has anyone else done a project like this and has any suggestions or thoughts?


Don’t forget Batman: The Movie. It’s Adam West’s first Batman movie, the first DC movie and the first comic book based movie.

While not a movie and rather a movie serial, give The Adventures of Captain Marvel a whirl too. One of the best movie serials and if you liked Shazam!, it will allow you to slake your thirst for more cinematic adventures of The Big Red Cheese.


Supergirl might just be one of the 10 worst films of all time (especially when you factor in budget, top 5)

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Supergirl is a faulty movie for sure, but one of the ten worst ever?

There’s alot of cinematic excrement in the world unfortunately. Supergirl is a masterpiece compared to many of them.