Rewards Frequently Asked Questions, Answered!

Hi, everyone! As we approach this, our final day of the Rewards program, we would like to answer the common questions we are receiving in chat as well as our inboxes:

Where is my reward?

We are now assessing the final inventory on everyone’s redemptions. You can expect that your reward will be shipped out within the next two weeks, particularly with regards to posters and pins. If you feel that too much time has elapsed, please reach out to via e-mail for your specific status.

When will the shipping start?

All final items that have not been shipped, particularly posters and pins, will be shipped out in the next two weeks.

What if my shipping information has changed?

If you are still waiting on a poster or a pin and have had a change of shipping address, please contact and we will update your information.

When will we know who won the Sweepstakes?

We will begin reaching out to winners within a week. Be sure to keep an eye on your e-mail inbox!

Will there be another Rewards program in the future?

We are working hard to let the folks in charge know that you all loved having a Rewards program! Part of that is also sharing the ways we can make a future program bigger, and better than ever! We hope that you will share your experience with us in our Rewards Retrospective think tank :brain:

Where can I share my final thoughts on the Rewards program?

We would love a chance to run this program again, with all of your valuable feedback taken into consideration! This includes some obvious improvements like a smoother and more communicative redemption process and higher quantities of rewards. But we would love to hear all of your thinking from A-Z, so any future Rewards programs we launch will have YOUR vision in mind!

You can share your thoughts in our dedicated Reaction Topic here:

What Was Your Overall Experience With Rewards? A Retrospective

What if I have a different question about my Reward?

For questions about your particular Reward, please contact for more information.

Thank you to everyone who participated in Rewards and shared your thoughts along the way. While it had its challenges, we know that you all were very passionate about the experience. We can’t wait to make it even better for the future, and we couldn’t do it without you!


Will it also be announced here on DC Universe?


I spent all my points on the Wonder Woman statue, got a code, went to redeem it and found it was sold out. Now all my points are gone and I have a useless code. Am I missing something?


At least you could spend on something . I have 2815 and nothing is left, no sweepstakes. DC please put coffee mugs nobody buys those things…


I’m not sure, I clicked on it, then hit the blue button and it processed my order

Oh, I’d definitely take a DC coffee mug instead of my useless 3000 point code.

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Mugs, Mugs, Mugs. I would do 1k for a mug.

No official answers?
I’m just out 3000 points? Cool, cool, cool…

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Had similar issues (redeemed points, but code didn’t work when entered). Failed every time I tried on my iPad but worked on computer - there’s a page that shows rewards you’ve purchased, find that. You should see your purchased discount code, copy to clipboard, and then click the link that takes you to shop.

When I input the code BEFORE filling out shipping information, on page 1 of the order, everything worked fine.

TL;DR - if you purchased the discount code already (and points have been deducted from your account) I think it only works if you’re linked directly to the shop website from your dcuniverse rewards page. Don’t try doing it on mobile, use a computer.

Hope that helps!

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I will try your suggestion on a PC tomorrow. The mobile app seems to have problems.
The points were definitely deducted, so I’m hoping to at least get the statue.

Worst comes to worst, send off an email to Before I found a solution that worked for me that was the email the DC Universe Rewards rep said to contact.

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I had a similar issue. I emailed the above email and they were helpful. Still lost my $5 and $10 off coupons for the DC Shop. They never worked. Someone (admin) responded in the forum saying to keep trying and it should be honored. So I’m hopeful. It’s sounds like they know they didn’t do well for all the rewards programees and are trying to do right.

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Thanks guys! I can’t even find the area where these purchased codes exist, so I’ll just email them.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure it (the sub-page showing codes) doesn’t exist anymore - got taken down when rewards ended last night; I just tried to get in after double-checking my History for the correct page (was rewards/activity or some such) and it throws up dead page/site can’t be reached.

Hopefully you’ve got a screenshot/wrote down the code itself to hand off to customer service, lol.

I unfortunately have no evidence. If in the end I don’t get a statue or anything, that’s fine I guess, but I hope the next promotion like this is run much better. Hell, I would have been happy with a Coffee Mug or even just some digital swag.

Well, I hope they can end up helping you out! I think the Mods are at least aware there were a lot of problems with this one, so hopefully they’ll take steps to implement a smoother promotion next time around, if not help the people left in the lurch currently.

Just remember next time to always take screen shots of any purchase/discount/promotion/code, no matter what the site. And always expect the worst and assume anything done on mobile apps will fail, lol.

So I redeemed points for that swamp thing poster but when I went to claim my beautiful prize the form page wouldn’t let me hit submit to get it shipped to me. Is there something I can do to get this poster still now that the rewards page is gone now?

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The codes expired on Friday. Sorry

I’m so glad the thing was broken for the entire week that I tried to redeem that damn poster. Great. Just wonderful.

Hoping I win that absolute sweepstakes

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