Review... THE REVIEWERS!!!

This is simple. Pick any online Comic Book reviewer and rate them on a 5-Star scale, then give a reason('s) on why you chose them and the rating you’ve given them. I’ll start…

JESSE SCHEDEEN 2 out of 5: Jesse seems like a nice enough guy, but unfortunately he seems to fall under the category of a Major Marvel Fan who just doesn’t truly get DC Comics. Now this is just an observation and not fact. But I feel very strongly that I’m at the very least partially right in my assessment. I stopped reading Jesse’s reviews on a regular basis a year or so ago. He and I disagree on 90% of everything.

My suggestion to my fellow DC fans is to steer clear of his reviews of DC Comics.

*If you happen to disagree with me and like Jesse’s DC reviews, please let me know why.


I’m worried about this thread. Reviewing a work of art or a product is fine, but I’m uncomfortable rating a person.

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Yeah I doubt this is going to go well, if you feel like the comics are being reviewed unfairly you should just do your own review!

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I’m rating their reviews status not them personally. But I see your point. This idea popped in my head and I thought I’d throw it out there. But maybe it’s better just to let this thread die. I don’t want to cause contoversy.

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@DCCOMICSINCRISIS, don’t give up on your idea just yet. It’s fair game when those reviewers put their opinions out in public for us to read. It shouldn’t be wrong for us to challenge what they’ve said, if you feel they’re being unfair.


@XNam360 Sure if it’s done in a Yelp like fashion and service. I just don’t want to come across like I’m attacking Mr. Schendeen. He is professional with his reviews, I just see him as misguided when it comes to DC. But anyway I have a lot of fun on these boards and I want that spirit of fun to continue. If people want to continue this thread then by all means please do. All I ask is that it’s done so with class. :grinning:

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I LOVE COMICS YouTube Channel- 5 out of 5. Inglentine (SP?) and his brother run this channel and do so with great care and quality. New videos are posted regularly with a weekly top 10 that they date from both personal opinions, official sales, and an overview from a variety of U.S. LCS owners. Now I don’t agree a number of Inglentine’s reviews but I do respect them. He and his brother are extremely knowledgeable on both sides of the big 2.

If you frequent YouTube I highly recommend checking them out and subscribing.

Ok that’s enough Review…THE REVIEWERS for today.

Thank you and good afternoon. :smile:

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