Return to the Service Watchalong - Justice League: Doom - 4 April 4PM Pacific/7PM Eastern

In association with the Psychology of Supervillians Club, please join us this Saturday for a watchalong of Justice League: Doom when it returns to the service next month.


I didn’t want to wait too long creating this thread, but it was becoming crunch time for both the watchalong (supra short notice is way too nerve wracking) as well as getting to work (with the lighter traffic, the lighter volume of the work, i really have no excuse).

I am also assuming all who visit this thread are familiar with watchalong theories and practice(s). Because if you are not, you can message me or your favorite mod for more information!

ten hours, forty-three minutes

I’m always dense with these things! Is there a specific thread we’re “meeting” at?

I think it’s this one

There is. You’re soaking in it.

sixty-three minutes

Is this one not on the calendar?

Anyway, I’m considering it, but I’m worried that my ISP will be like, “Nope! No streaming for you at this hour! Ha ha ha!” That’s been a problem lately.


Are we getting close to it? 7PM Eastern usually means 6PM for me, and it’s coming up in ten minutes…


It is not on the calendar. apologies.

It is less than ten minutes Y’all

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YEAH! I’m ready

So. for the record. To keep in sync, Watch Everything Skip Nothing. Start from the very top from the WB imprint, do not skip, just let it play. If you lose track, estimate off of 7PM eastern as the start and go from there

Ah, if only it were Justice League vs. Doctor Doom. :stuck_out_tongue:

DC Universe

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That would be hella cool.

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I like this Legion of Doom since they are balanced off of each JL-er

five minutes!

Post when you want us to start

When the clock hits 7pm eastern, it is go time!

2 left

less than one minute!