:renegade_robins: Return of Kid Flash :renegade_robins:

Hi folks and welcome to another session of the Damian Wayne branch of the @RenegadeRobinsClub. This month we are returning to Damain’s Teen Titans team to see what adventures await them. This time the team faces a choice about whether Kid Flash should be reinstated onto the team and Damian shows that even he can admit when he needs to improve. Let’s get started!

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  1. Do you agree with Damian that Kid Flash doesn’t deserve a second chance after a mistake that almost got them all killed or do you agree with Aqualad and the rest of the team that he deserves a second chance?

  2. Seems both Kid Flash and Robin had a lot to learn, including that they don’t have to do this hero gig alone anymore. Damian even seems to have learned that not only do the other Teen Titans have to be better but that he, himself, can stand to be better as well. What do you make of these revelations and what does this say about Damian’s own growth as a character?

  3. Also, and this is not a question really but Damian’s reaction to Emiko’s kiss was priceless. I’ll just leave the panel here.

And that’s all he wrote folks. Next month we will be returning to Super Sons to see what the pint sized World’s Finest are up to. See you then


Wait: which Kid Flash?

Wait: which Wally West?





Well, I mean, it’s a mainstream, kid-friendly superhero comic, and I don’t want to see one of the heroes written off unceremoniously. :stuck_out_tongue: (And didn’t Wally Classic leave the New Teen Titans after a few issues, only to come back a few issues later?)

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