Return of Captain Invincible

This superhero parody from 1983 is coming out on Blu Ray soon and I was wondering if anyone here has seen it? Is it any good? I’m tempted to buy it since we all know that when you think of superheroes, Alan Arkin is the first name that comes to mind.

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I haven’t seen it. I was about to recommend streaming it first just to check it out, but it doesn’t appear to be on any services at the moment.

I am aware of some of the director’s other movies, namely The Beast Within and the Howling II and III. I can’t accuse any of those films of being good, but they are fun little bits of low-budget shlock. And it has songs from the creator of Rocky Horror, so there must be something worthwhile here.

Come on, HBO Max, get this movie on your service so we can all see it!

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