Retcon the DC movie continuity

I think Edward Norton’s Incredible Hulk is a great example of what to do with Green Lantern. Just move forward with Hal and John and the Core without re-explaining who Hal is. Reboot the rest. Days of Future Past can save Justice League. Use the Flash time travel and the Snyder cut to introduce new casting for Batman etc… My point is that WB makes more money from past attempts while fans can move forward without new origins like in Amazing Spider-Man. WB can keep the past films in continuity while rebooting at the same time.


Totally man, retcon everything pre shazam

As a staunch defender of the DCEU, I must say that’s a brilliant idea. We can keep the stuff we love while neatly excising whatever didn’t fly the first time.

Thanks, you are an awesome chad

I just hope that DC takes its time