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I disagree with your assessment of a psychopath vs sociopath. They just express themselves in different ways.

Regarding the toxin, it would create a huge fear response by forcing your brain to create the chemicals that result in a fear response…if you’re brain isn’t physically capable of making those chemicals, the toxin isn’t suddenly going to give it the ability to.

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We’ll agree to disagree.

I’ll argue that the toxin can work in the molecular level and make available the required elements to produce the required bonding at a molecular level to create (if one is not capable) or enhance the required neurochemical compounds required. Sine all of the neurochemicals that would come into play are chemical compounds rather than chemical elements.

It’s the difference between making cheese by coagulating the milk either by souring in the classic bacteriological style or by adding citric acid which literally bonds them together at the atomic level, directly at the hydrogen.

The toxin working in the latter case scenario.


We do disagree, but that could be a really cool story…to have someone like Zsasz experience fear for the very first time.


Now I can’t wait for a Scarecrow story where he explains to his goons how the toxin works by using the cheese making example. :thinking:


My picks.

Harley v Two Face- HQ wins
With her show popularity and being a popular character before hand she definitely has the win.

Ivy v Kiteman-Kiteman wins
His chances may be slim but his popularity has grown and the HQ show has helped. But it also helped Ivy as well. But he does have both the Hell and the Yeah.

Killer Frost v Psycho- KF wins
I just feel first would be COOL enough to win.

Reverse Flash v Condiment King-CK wins
His chance of winning are very slim but with the fun of this and the fan vote I feel he can pull the upset victory.

Anton v Nobody- Nobody wins.
He can bend reality and has a donkey. Enough said.

Clayface v Freeze- Clayface wins.
I am bias since he’s a favorite but also his lines are killer.

Scarecrow v Zsasz- Scarecrow wins
Again more bias but he can get creative with his gas. Plus everyone has to fear at least something.

Star Sapphire v Hugo- Star wins
A pink lantern ring agains science. The pink will win. She just will love him to death.


I’m glad someone else went with this! I was hesitant to share that pick in public.


I think plenty of gloms went CK over RV. Who doesn’t love an underdog. I think it will be closer to 80-20, RV winning. Rather than the 98-2 it probably aught to be.

Also, let’s say CK won, that could create a Lazarus Pit event, which is an interesting addition this year.


We have the same exactly picks except I voted for two-face


exact same picks for similar reasons. i’m nearly positive the votes will go to harley—I love her; as a kid I named my dog after her (seriously) when she was but a newborn character limited to the world of BTAS—but harvey/two-face is just too much more iconic to bet against, even if it’s just a weird game & for fun & blah blah blah.


i just might start asserting that harley’s meta-awareness makes her unstoppably omniscient



I think you’re on to something. if Harley could steal Rac Shade/Shade the Changing Man’s M-vest—he did run with the pre-Harley Suicide Squad for a while—that would be something… a weird storyline I’m sure I’d enjoy. Harley being able to teleport & project disturbing illusions of herself? yes, please.


OMG I forgot about that! My bracket is ruined :sob::rofl::wink:


That was the reason I took HQ over Ivy in the 2nd round.


That means our matchups, matched up :kingshark_hqas:

Wait… it’s who would win in a fight, not who’s the cooler/more popular character… :0


That’s up to each voter’s preference, really. It’s whoever you want to vote for, and the most votes win, unless that resurrection power comes into play.

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I voted pretty much like everyone at this stage. Some surprises after research! Mr. Nobody is no joke! He can take the contest entirely, that’s if he really wants to and if what we want is really what he wants to happen. Think of it, he can travel space, time, manipulate reality, mold personalities from his restart as many time as he wants! Take for instanced Reverse Flash; he’s responsible for the Flashpoint Paradox, BUT how does one knows that it was Mr. Nobody’s doing? Mr.Nobody can rewrite Reverse Flash entirely, turn RF into a balloon, as well as turn off he speed force—there’s really no telling of what outcomes he can drum up. What if Mr. Nobody wants to play God and roll the dice once more… after a couple thousand times prior. Look him up, they say “God-like powers”, not bound by science. I haven’t seen any evidence of him go against Magic. He can rewrite Mr.Manhattan from the watchman. MN can possess Brainiac with complete ease. Turn the Joker into a PeaceCorp volunteer! MN’s powers really can’t be measured. Now that’s a pretty bad ass villain! OMG, I just realized, it wouldn’t matter if a character used the Lazarus Pit with any character cause if MN wants, he can undo the LP entirely… hahahahaha! That’s so damn evil! Too bad we haven’t seen him go toe to toe with the Justice League, or have they?

All my picks made it. So excited