Restart the DCEU timeline

If Warner Bros wanted you to create a timeline for the DCEU what would you put? What story arc would you use? Would there be TV shows? How many phases would there be? Have fun with this game!!

Phase 1:
Batman introducing Dick Grayson and Batgirl in the past
Man of Steel
Wonder Woman
Batman 2
Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice

Phase 2:
Wonder Woman 2 introducing Wonder Girl
Man of Steel 2
Green Lantern Corps
Justice League

Phase 3:
Batman 2 introducing Tim Drake and Jason Todd
Doctor Fate
Green Arrow introducing Red Arrow
Blue Beetle
Hawman and Hawkgirl
Suicide Squad
Flash 2 introducing Kid Flash
Aquaman 2 introducing Aqualad
Teen Titans

Phase 4:

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Did my best. I know it’s not perfect

Phase 4:
Green Arrow 2
Shazam 2
Swamp Thing
John Constantine
Justice League Dark

Copied from another thread

Here’s my plan:

Rise of the Heroes

  • Superman
  • Batman
  • Team 7
  • The Flash
  • Green Lantern Corps
  • The Justice League

World of Heroes

  • Batman & Robin
  • Wonder Woman
  • Doom Patrol
  • Green Lantern Corps 2
  • Aquaman
  • The JL: The Death of Superman

Reign of Darkseid

  • Suicide Squad
  • Batman: The Dark Knight
  • The JL: Reign of the Supermen
  • Teen Titans
  • The New Gods
  • The JL: Darkseid War

Here’s what each of those movies would actually be:

Superman: An origin story based on Superman: Secret Origins with some elements from Superman: Birthright, mostly the stuff about Clark Kent traveling across the world.

Batman: Not an origin story, but would take place towards the beginning of Batman’s career when he’s still not the most confident about his methods. Towards the end he becomes a more confident Batman and is confident that he knows his city. An end credit scene would tease the Joker.

Team 7: Loosely based on the New 52 series. It would include the origins of Deathstroke and Amanda Waller. During the movie, a seemingly normal general who will be important later appears. An end credits scene would show Amanda Waller contacting Batman with a file showing footage of the Flash and saying that with all the weirdness in the world in they need to assemble a team to defend the Earth.

The Flash: A brief introduction showing the night the Flash became the Flash is shown, but the movie jumps forward in time after that. The Flash fights the Rogues, who are his first formidable foes. Victor and Silas Stone appear as characters in the movie. No Cyborg yet. An end credits scene shows Batman appearing behind the Flash and saying that they need to talk.

Green Lantern Corps.: Basically just a live action Green Lantern: First Flight

The Justice League: Batman uncovers a plot by White Martians to take over Earth (and that general from Team 7 is one of them), so the Justice League forms to defeat them. Wonder Woman and Martian Manhunter are introduced in this movie and they join the League. The Justice League discovers that the White Martians are digging for something, so they infiltrate the place and take the thing the White Martians were looking for and send it to S.T.A.R. Labs to discover what it is. The lab is attacked by the White Martians and Victor is mortally wounded, so Silas uses the mysterious piece of tech to turn his son into Cyborg, who eventually uses his newfound power to save the JL and defeat the White Martians alongside them. Superman goes to space and finishes off the White Martian ships. In an end credits scene, a mysterious ship is shown in space, and a mysterious figure (Steppenwolf) is pretty angry that the White Martians failed into obtain the Motherbox. He blames Superman.

Batman & Robin: Sorry for the folks who wanted a Joker movie, they’ll have to wait. But this movie opens with Batman taking the Joker to Arkham Asylum. A guard remarks to Batman how crazy the world is getting, which visibly shakes Batman. Last movie proved that the world is so much bigger than he thought and he doesn’t know nearly as much as he thought he did, so Batman’s pushing himself way more than usual. To calm him down, Alfred makes Bruce go to Haley’s Circus, where Dick Grayson’s parents die and Brice ends up adopting him. Dick Grayson becomes Robin, but is increasingly upset that they can’t find his parents’ killer. He meets Talon, who sows seeds of doubt about Batman and offers to train Robin. Eventually he even presents the man who murdered Robin’s parents to Robin to convince Robin to join the Court of Owls by killing the man. It turns out that Batman doesn’t even know his own city well. The Court of Owls is real, and they arranged to have Robin’s parents murdered so they could free him up to be the next Talon. Batman and Robin make up and defeat the Court, and Robin helps Batman learn that it’s okay to not know everything. Post credits scene shows Joker escaping with the help of Harleen Quinzel.

Wonder Woman: Wonder Woman is banned from her home, but this changes when Ares escapes his prison there. Wonder Woman teams up with Steve to stop Ares from igniting a new world war. She defeats him, but he mysteriously remarks that soon he’ll be stronger than ever.

Doom Patrol: A team of misfits, the Doon Patrol are forced to get over their fears to fight the Brotherhood of Dada. The Dokn Patrol eventually wins, but the Brotherhood of Dada reveal that they’re waging war against the Chief because he made them that way, so the Doom Patrol have to fight the Chief before he enacts his plan to forcefully evolve mankind. In the end, Changeling decides to leave the team and go on his own adventures.

Green Lantern Corps. 2: Hal Jordan and company go to the Frontier to fight the Red Lanterns. There are multiple references and hints to Darkseid’s galactic conquest and how he’s going to planets digging for something (Motherboxes).

Aquaman: Arthur Curry must embrace his destiny and fight Ocean Master. An end credits scene shows some Atlantan soldier coming across a weird pod underwater.

The JL: The Death of Superman: The weird pod is Doomsday. Aquaman joins the JL. The whole movie is based mainly on the Death of Superman animated movie. In the end, Superman dies, which affects Batman most of all. In the end credits scenes there are teases of the four Supermen. The final post credits scene reveals that Steppenwolf sent Doomsday to earth in order to kill Superman so he and his army of Parademons can easily invade it. He appears before the army and declares that the hour is coming when they will “Die for Darkseid!”

Suicide Squad: After The death of Superman, Amanda Waller decides that the JL is inadequate, so she assembled the Suicide Squad, which includes some of the Rogues form the Flash, Harley Quinn (who’s transition to Harley Quinn and separation from the Joker is revealed throughout the movie), and some new characters. In a post credits scene, the Joker kidnaps Harley Quinn.

Batman: The Dark Knight: Batman’s still grieving from the loss of Superman. Joker and a reluctant Harley Quinn attack Gotham City, and Batman & Robin fight them. The Dynamic Duo have a falling out because Batman is being overly protective of Robin and not letting him get involved because he’s worried if someone like Superman can die, Robin can die. In the end, they defeat the Joker by convincing Harley to betray him. Robin decides to leave Batman and do his own thing.

The JL: Reign of the Supermen: Based on. the animated movie Reign of the Supermen, but Cyborg Superman is revealed to be working for Steppenwolf, who attacks with an army of Parademons. The JL tries to defend earth, but it’s not going well. During the battle, Steppenwolf refers to Cyborg as a Motherbox. Then the real Superman comes back and defeats Cyborg Superman and joins the JL in driving the hoards of Parademons away from earth. When the JL starts to win, Steppenwolf runs away. Superboy decides to leave and go on adventures. In a post credits scene Steppenwolf arrives back on Apokolips empty handed. He tries to explain to Darkseid that the Kryptonian returned, but Darkseid kills him and says he will see this Kryptonian for himself.

Teen Titans: Robin, Changeling (jokingly referred to as Beast Boy by others), Cyborg, Superboy, and new characters Starfire and Raven form the Teen Titans and fight Trigon. Robin becomes Nightwing at the end. An end credits scene teases Deathstroke.

The New Gods: Takes place in the past. Mister Miracle leaves earth and joins the New Gods in a battle against Darkseid’s forces. This movie reveals that the Motherboxes are ancient computers that were hidden on planets and they each hold a piece of the Anti-Life Equation, which Darkseid wants so he can rule the universe.

The JL: Darkseid War: Darkseid arrives on Earth, battles the Teen Titans, and takes Cyborg. The rest barely escape to tell the Justice League what is coming. The JL attacks Darkeid’s ship, but doesn’t find him or Cyborg there. It turns out that Darkseid took Cyborg to Command D, a military base on Earth. By the time the JL realizes this, Darkseid has the final piece of the Anti-Life Equation, which he transmits to every screen on Earth. The majority of the human race is brainwashed into “Dying for Darkseid!” and Darkseid has them attack the JL. The JL doesn’t want to fight normal people mad there is so many of them attacking that they can’t do anything. Before they die, a boom tube opens up and they are carried to safety on New Genesis by Mister Miracle and Orion. Orion explains the situation and we get the scene where Batman punches him for being a jerk. They make a plan and character from the JL, the Suicide Squad, the Teen Titans, the New Gods, and Lex Luthor Team up to take the fight to Darkseid on Apokolips, where Darkseid plans to transmit the Anti-Life equation to the whole universe. They are severely outnumbered by Darkseid’s forces and seen to be losing until the entire Green Lantern Corps. and even some Red Lanterns arrive go save the day. With everyone covering him, Batman is able to reach the transmitter and shut it down, but Darkseid confronts him and he is hit by the Omega Sanction. Superman here’s this and leaves the battle to get revenge. Superman is super enraged. It’s a tough fight, but Superman wins and Darkseid is thrown into the core of Apokolips, causing the planet to destabilize. The good guys escape and the bad guys blow up. Superman remarks that he feels no sympathy for this dying planet. Everyone returns to earth and they have a funeral service for Batman.

TV Shows:

WildC.A.T.s: 1 season long. Takes place between Team 7 and Doom Patrol. After the events of Team 7, Grifter is on his own until he joins a new team known as the WildC.A.T.s. Each member has their own past that has led them to where they are now, and that past comes with many personal issues that have yet to be resolved. However, the WildC.A.T.s must confront and overcome these issues if they wish to stop the Daemonites, a race of aliens who are hellbent on conquering Earth and creating their own army of powerful metahumans. Near the end of the series, the WildC.A.T.s defeat the Daemonites. With their previous plan thwarted, the Daemonites decide to align with the Alien Alliance, a group of various species of aliens that have gathered to conquer the Earth. Together, they successful carry out the Daemonites’ plan to detonate the gene bomb and create an army of metahumans, which the WildC.A.T.s must face in the final episodes. The final episodes help set up characters from Doom Patrol and hint at Darkseid’s hunt for the motherboxes by destroying planets.

Legion of Superheroes: 2 seasons long. The superhero team from the future known as the Legion of Superheroes travel back in time to Smallville in order to recruit a past version of their idol, Superman. A teenage Clark happily joins the team as Superboy in order to try out his newly manifesting powers, but this hasty decision plunges him into a world of action and romance that threaten the very future he’s become a part of. In the end, the Legion of Superheroes wipe Superboy’s memories and return him to his time. In season 2, the Legion of Superheroes (with new recruits) is chasing criminals through time when they meet Superman himself. They realize that it’s the final days before his death (in JL: The Death of Superman) and have to deal with not being able to tell him as they team up to defeat the criminals.


Phase One:

–Green Lantern: Replace Ryan Reynolds with Nathan Fillion. Basically just a live-action First Flight film. Ends with Sinestro banished to the anti-matter universe.

–The Dark Knight Returns: Sequel to the Dark Knight (as opposed to Rises). Basically just an adaptation of the first half of the comic, but minus the Two-Face stuff and with Tom Hardy’s Bane replacing the Mutant Leader. Joey King shows up as Carrie Kelly/Robin, Bale stays on after as an older Batman.

–Man of Steel: So we keep the first half of this film more or less the same. Remove the opening sequence on Krypton, instead starting with Clark rescuing the workers on the oil rig (title sequence as he hits the water). We don’t get the “destruction of Krypton” sequence until he meets Jor-El’s hologram. Superman fights Zod in Smallville, but damages him so much it’s revealed that Zod is actually a robot. Supes goes to talk to Jor-El…only to learn that he’s actually been Brainiac (voiced by Corey Burton) this whole time…We then flash back to the actual destruction of Krypton and learn that Clark was stolen and sent into space by Brainiac before Krypton was destroyed. Brainiac then downloaded all of Krypton’s knowledge and stole a few ships before escaping himself. Brainiac reveals that Kal-El is now a perfect specimen, “Krypton’s future!” Brainiac summons the terraforming machines with the intention of destroying humanity and creating a “better, stronger Krypton” under his guidance and control. Battle of Metropolis only with Brainiac drones instead of Kryptonians.

–Green Lantern: Wrath of the Red Lanterns: An adaptation of the first half of Green Lantern: TAS, but with new Lantern recruit Jessica Cruz replacing Aya. Ends with the creation of the Blue Lanterns and a post-credit scene revealing Sinestro has conquered the anti-matter universe and is now building his own Corps.

–Aquaman: Basically the movie we already have, minus the Black Manta subplot.

–Wonder Woman: See previous, albeit with a different framing device due to her not having met Bruce yet.

–Man of Tomorrow: Ben Afflek still appears in this movie, but now he’s playing Lex Luthor. We still open with the Battle of Metropolis, with Lex being the one who’s building gets destroyed and he runs into the collapsing building and comforts the little girl and all that. Basically, Afflek does the same stuff (and even has the same motivation and goals) as Batman in BvS, he’s just Lex Luthor now, which means no more Esienberg, which means we cut a good solid hour out of this film. Lex steals the kryptonite, gives the “if there is even a one percent chance he is our enemy!” speech (maybe have Mercy Graves replace Alfred as his advisor/conscience?), does the training montage and builds his suit of Kryptonite-powered battle armor from the comics. Has the “Knightmare” dream sequence, only it doesn’t end with Flash showing up so it’s just a dream sequence. Lex fights Superman. Superman and Lois manage to convince Lex that he’s being a xenophobic monster (by means other than saying “Martha!”), but it turns out Lex made Doomsday anyway as a “in case he kills me/all else fails!” last resort, so now Lex and Supes have to team up to fight Doomsday. The fight ends with Lex being the one to sacrifice his life and kill Doomsday. Superman realizes that things only got this bad because he had been so focused on the macro (ie, stopping alien invasions, mad robots, and disasters), that he didn’t realize how the public was actually perceiving him and the other metahumans (giving us references to the other movies). Superman appears before the U.N. and proposes the creation of “a league” of heroes, answerable to a U.N. charter and functioning with complete transparency towards the public and governments of the world. Ends with Superman in the newly constructed Hall of Justice, welcoming the new recruits: Hal Jordan, Diana Prince, Barry Allen, Oliver Queen, and Victor Stone. Post-credit shows Aquaman discovering “something” in the ocean…

–Justice League: Batman, Aquaman, and the Martian Manhunter (played by Lance Riddick) join the League in order to stop Starro (voiced by Keith David), here re-imagined as a Lovecraftian entity with the same origin and goals as the Centre from “The New Frontier.” Post-credit scene involving Vandal Savage observing the heroes, declaring that “this league of stagnation cannot stand!”

TV Shows.
–Arrow, The Flash: Same as the CW shows, just set in the same universe as the DCEU, with continuity and episodes modified as a result.

–Suicide Squad: Mini-series featuring Arrow’s Suicide Squad plus Deathstroke.

–Cyborg: Starring Jovian Wade as the title character. Techno-thriller/sci-fi action-mystery series where Cyborg faces off against the more technological and alien threats of the DCU, including a resurrected Brainiac and even the New Gods themselves!

–Supergirl: Premieres after Justice League. Now set in the same universe as everything else instead of its own universe.

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If DC Comics adopts a “phase” title, it shouldn’t be phase one, phase two, etc. It should be Phase Jay, Phase Barry, Phase Wally, and Phase Bart.

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@Awesome_Squid I love the idea of teasing the Joker at the end of one movie and beginning the next one with him already captured

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