Resources & FAQs for Fans from DC All Access

As many of you know, the DC All Access app will shut down at the end of this year. While we are sad to say goodbye to the app, we are very happy to invite DC All Access fans to talk all things DC here in the DC Universe Community.
If you’re just joining us for the first time, welcome — we have a seat waiting for you! There’s no need to create a new account, just use your DC All Access login info. While you’re here, be sure to explore DC Universe’s other great features, such as News and Encyclopedia. Like our Community, they’re free and available to non-premium members.

:arrow_right:"How long will I be able to access DCAA?"
The existing app and content will continue to be available for the next several months, but no new content (stickers, emojis, etc.) will be added.

:arrow_right:"Can I keep my DCAA emoji keyboard?"
If you have installed the DCAA emoji keyboard, that will remain installed on your device.

:arrow_right:"Will we see DCAA content, like the polls and quizzes, ported into DC Universe?"
There will not be a 1:1 transfer of data from DCAA to DC Universe. We have a similar experience you c an find in our News page, where we feature weekly quizzes and polls. If you have any topics you’d like to see explored, let us know!

:couple:FIND EACH OTHER :couple:
Here are some links that DCAA Members have been posting to reconnect:

If this is your first time joining us from DCAA, feel free to introduce yourself in the comments below! Tell us a little bit about yourself, or share your favorite character, movie, show, or comic. Our fans hail from all over, so you’re sure to meet a kindred spirit. We can’t wait to discuss, debate, learn, and laugh right along with you.

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I am laughing at how realistic things have become. A new thread with practically the exact same copy and pasted words with a new headline, information on pricing, but far less information overall apparently receives the attention, whereas the original thread has no one… until now.

I thought about creating a thread with a flashy headline and then have a random response to entice people into the thread, but this thread proved that just might have worked.

I am curious to see if anyone follows up with this thread and what their thoughts are.

Thank you DC Universe for making me laugh, and I apologize if there was another reason behind creating a new thread than what I assume.