Requests/Ideas for Comics in the App

Now that we’re all losing sleep because of the excitement at having the full DC Digital Library in April (and THANK YOU again for that!), I thought I’d turn my attention to some things we might like to see in how to experience the comics in this app.

For me, I really like to experience comics the way I did when I bought them as a kid…reading them in order, knowing which issues crossover with which other issues, etc.

So I have two requests (I’m sure others might have more):

  1. Give us the ability to search by publication date, showing us the comics released in a given month or year
  2. Give us the ability to see which comics crossover with which other comics so we can follow storylines end-to-end

This would save on time for us to hunt for our favorite stories and let us focus our time on reading our favorite stories.

Again, can’t wait for April. Thanks for listening to us!


Wait, this is happening awesome! So will it be like the latest issues will go up 6 months after release (like MU)?

What I think would be neat is to integrate the expanded comic selection with the encyclopedia more fully. Instead of just having character pages do them for events as well and link all the relevant issues.

@Paddy Right now the plan is 12 months after publication. I think that’s more than a fair trade in exchange for all of DCU’s additional features.

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It would be a great feature if the release dates on each comic page were linked so that if the release date is, let’s say, 01/02/2019, and you click on “01”, it will take you to all the comics that were published that month. If you click on “02”, all issues release that day, and if you click on “2019”, that year. I think that would be a cool browsing experience.