Request Season 2 Titans

Since this streaming service is for the fans and a membership is required to watch the content I think we should be vocal with our complaints.

Advice Season 2:

Bigger Budget
6-8 Episodes
Better Lighting


Not sure why you only want 6-8 episodes? You decided three episodes in that 11 is too many? I mean fair enough if you feel that way but weird conclusion to draw this early on.


What lol


Bigger budget depends if people are joining the service.


Budget seems fine by me.


Useless thread…the show LOOKS good…ACTED great…EPISODE count is perfect. Already it is just as good if not better than ALL of the Marvel snore-fests on Netflix…and I think it is also better than any of the CW shows; and this is only four episodes in. Loving it…and DOOM PATROL looks like it will be good too AND unique in its own way.


Donna Troy

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I jus wish there was more new content and not just Titans. But Titans is awesome so far.

I’m just going to assume you meant 6-8 more episodes lol and I agree 11 episodes is too short needs more I say 15 episodes a season would be fine don’t want the season to drag on but want it to have enough episodes for it to build. Budget is fine maybe add a lil more for season 2 for costumes and stuff like that but that’s it for me lol

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The budget should increase due to popularity and subscriptions to dc universe. And 6-8 episodes? No. I want more than 10 episodes. Maybe even 15 episodes max. 6-8 is nothing for a season


I wouldn’t say 15 episodes. The Marvel/Netflix shows have proven that sometimes you don’t need 10+ episodes to tell a story.


11 episodes isn’t bad.
Some of the Marvel shows on Netflix only have 12 to 13 & they’re doing fine.


I’m loving the show so far. I’m good with the episode count, definitely don’t want to see it decreased. Really hope a few more titans are added next season like Donna, Cyborg (if they don’t keep him on Doom Patrol) or Wally (if they’re allowed to use him). Even Aqualad or Superboy would be awesome!

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Unless this stuff happens by the last episode of s1…

Dick becomes Nightwing

Bruce Wayne/Batman guest stars in an episode to team up with Nightwing

Dick makes peace with Bruce and sees him as a father figure again while Bruce still sees Dick as a son

The bat family is formed with Dick on good terms with Alfred, Bruce and Jason and access to bat stuff again