Request for my Massive Upcoming DC Rebirth Reading Order for DC Unlimited

I am writing a massive DC Rebirth Reading order which just hit 27 pages. I have the following features already but want to know what you want to see.

  1. New to Rebirth? (Level 1)
  2. Rebirth’s Events/Highlights! (Level 2)
  3. Rebirth Fast Track (Level 3)
  4. Rebirth by Family (Depends on which)
    Superman (Level 4)
    Batman (Level 4)
    Flash and Titans Family (Level 3)
    Green Lantern (Level 2)
  5. Dark Night and New Justice (Level 2s)
  6. DC Rebirth after reboots (Level 4)
  7. DC Rebirth in its entirety (Level 5)
  8. Upcoming: DC by Writer

All but 5 and 6 are done. What other features do you want. Specific Heroes? A Justice League Family? Links to the DCU series? You name it, BUT I’ll only add what you request and not every feature will be there at launch.


I’m excited to check it out. Links to DCU are a must I would think!

Okay! I’ll work on it. No Promises!

@Mae I added Hyperlinks to #2 to see how easy it was. It was easier than I expected but took about 35 minutes for 19 comic series. So… I probably will add them slowly overtime.

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@Nathan.Payson: Since I’m new around here, is there a specific place you are going to post the reading order?

In general, is there a section of the forums or within the DC Universe that users (not DCU curators and admins) post reading orders? Be great to see individuals takes on these reading orders to help cut down on the overwhelming amount of entries out there =)

Not to say the DCU curators don’t do a good job already, I just like other perspectives too!

A site that might help you write that up is Its been an invaluable resource of comic book reading orders to me over the years.

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@bullet yes, it will go live on Tuesday night. Assuming Rebirth joins then. I will post a thread for the link to a Google doc and use the thread to answer and take requrest.i just hit 30 pages.

@captain marvel I used Comic book herald when I first got into comics. I have a couple of complaints with the reading order like bad numbering. However a lot of how it tackles Rebirth is something I’m looking at.

Hey @Tr8cer_Bullet, if you’re interested, I’ve started a Birds of Prey thread with links to various Huntress/Black Canary/Oracle/Batgirl series where they are a focus: The first part is just various things leading up to the actual formation of Birds of Prey. I’m reading the 1989 Huntress series now and it’s really good and cool artwork!

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Maybe a list of which titles carry over from the New 52 with little or no break in storyline? That is, if any do. I get the sense it’s good to read John’s GL and Flash and Morrison’s Batman. I guess I want to get to Rebirth, so want to get caught up to Flashpoint, read only the essential new 52 titles and then start with Rebirth… Actually, I’m going the long way around and working my way to Final Crisis!

Grayson to Nightwing is probablythe closest one. Green Lantern kind of does. Supergirl kind of does. Superman carries over from the Road to Rebirth Titles Last Days of Superman and Lois and Clark which I am including in the reading order.

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I’m proud to announce that my reading order is done. It is 54 Pages Long and full of heart and love!