Report: Swamp Thing Was Possibly Planned To Lead Into Justice League Dark

As always, take stuff like this with a grain or two of salt.

CBR is reporting that Swamp Thing was planned for a three-season arc and that there was even talk of a Justice League Dark spinoff.

Now this source that says this stuff was ‘discussed on set’ so it could have been cast or crew members who were just hoping/imagining/speculating themselves and it was overheard. So there’s no concrete evidence. But it’s the internet, so…

But if this were true? Oy, what a way to twist the dagger… :disappointed_relieved:


Yeah, this is super rough to hear, especially if they could have gotten Constantine on board. I’m still confused and shocked that the show has been canned this fast.

As I just said in another thread, the Mods have stated that this information is false.

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I can confirm as stated before that this information is only rumors. There is no truth behind this.