Report: Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle Movie!

i can’t believe i’m excited about the thought of a Dan Garrett cameo, i think i’m in too deep


yay! i like George Lopez

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I love this quote from the article linked above…

“Initially, my goal with finding the family was to be able to have an authentic group of people, not just as authentic on the Latino side, but authentic on the accents and authentic on the experience overall, it was very important for me to have the elders in the family to be from Mexico,” Soto tells TheWrap. “And more than just being from Mexico is honoring those amazing beloved actors from Mexico that have paved the way not just in Latin American cinema, but also crossing over to the Anglo Saxon community and Latin American community in the United States.”

Soto added: “And then you have somebody on the younger side, the new blood that’s coming in, like Belissa and Xolo, they’re Mexican American, and tying them with the guys that came before which have a strong history of being born in Mexico and then coming over to the US. Being able to provide a Mexican family, a brown Mexican family, that embraces that level of authenticity, I think this cast allowed us to have all of that.”

The original Jaime Reyes series had Jaime’s family playing important roles in his life. I like a DC hero being around that has parents still alive. The fact that the movie-makers are spending so much time and effort on the casting of the Reyes family is a source of encouragement. I am crossing my fingers for this one.


agreed! make me cry, DC! corn it up!

I want Booster so bad but I want him done right

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