Replica Recommendations

Hey everyone,

I recently started my replica collection. I’ve purchased a Green Lantern ring, Man of Steel Kryptonian command key, Joker evidence card from Batman Begins, Wonder Woman tiara + sword, Batarang, and Flash chest emblem.

Do you folks have any recommendations for other replicas? I’m planning on adding Aquaman’s trident and Green Lantern’s battery, but I can’t think of anything else.


So two things I’m looking forward to props wise are a line of batarangs by Ikon that the stands are actually stackable which is pretty cool. I already have a betfleck batarang from QMX so i dont know if I want to fork over twice as much for another one with a different stand.

Keep a look out for Neca they are coming only with a line of DC props. No word on when yet but I’m for sure gonna pick a few of them up

If you want some quick display pieces a two-face coin is pretty inexpensive and a pretty identifiable prop.

Some rings as well Suoerherostuff sells a flash ring that opens up just like the one he wears and they have a pretty cool court of owls ring as well.

I have the inexpensive Trident as well not the 400 dollar one. I was contemplating it though.


How about a Bottle City of Kandor?

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Grapple gun?

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Full size Batmobile

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