Replace Each Member of the Trinity

Who should replace each member of the Trinity? Let’s say Clark retires. Who would be best suited to take his place? So on and so forth with the other members. Use whatever criteria you feel best to come up with replacements and explain your choice.

To replace Superman, I’d go with Barry Allen Flash. He’s got the same general hope and heroic attitude and he’s insanely powerful capable of many of Superman’s feats.

Honorable mention goes to the Big Red Cheese. He’d be an easy choice if it was the post-COIE version, but New 52 Shazam doesn’t have the same character.

To replace Batman, I’m going to go with Orphan, Cassandra Cain. She has the same insane martial arts skills and she’s ridiculously driven to bring those who harm innocents to justice.

Honorable mention goes to Red Hood who also has that drive towards justice, but the whole killing thing is a bit of a problem and he’s been homicidal a time or two.

To replace Wonder Woman, I’m going with Zatanna. This was easily the hardest, but I think Zatanna works. She’s a major threat, she’s willing to make the hard decisions when necessary, she shares Wonder Woman’s compassion for others, she often helps her allies by helping them confront the truth of their situations and she has roots in the realm of magic.

Honorable mention I guess goes to Donna Troy. She’s literally a copy of Diana, so that’s a bit too easy.

Who are your picks?


Hmmmm… I think I’d have to say Captain Marvel, Blue Beetle, and Power Girl. Tier two would be Captain Atom, The Question, and Big Barda. Or Nightshade if we wanna go with a 100% Charlton Comics vibe :slight_smile:


Captain Marvel/Shazam, Green Arrow, Big Barda


I’d go with:

Martian Manhunter — Globally active superhero, heart of the hero community, shares many of Superman’s powers.

Mister Terrific — Michael Holt is both a brilliant inventor and a top notch strategist. He’s an ideal Batman fill-in.

Mera — Incredibly powerful, but an international diplomat first. Like the best years of Wonder Woman.


Was gonna write literally what @HubCityQuestion said. Such a cool team up with interesting and even underrated characters.


Captain Marvel would have to replace Superman, of course. Martian Manhunter is also a good choice, but Billy has the charisma.

I’m waffling between a few different choices to replace Batman. Nightwing is the best all-round substitute. Tim or Barbara might be able to support the Justice League more effectively. Mister Terrific would also be a good smart gadget guy. I like Cass, but she has a limited skillset. I feel like she’d need someone who’s stronger in detective skills and strategy to support her, and her martial arts skills, while impressive, are not that relevant compared to the other two thirds of the trinity. I’ll also throw Batwoman out there as a possibility, especially since she has the money to fund the League the way Batman does.

Wonder Woman is the toughest, since her role is not as clearly defined as the other two. Donna is a possibility. I guess Mera works, though I feel like she’s the one who has to actually run Atlantis while Arthur is off playing superhero. Though now that I mention it, I might venture Aquaman as the closest in role and disposition to Wonder Woman. That would probably call for Barbara or Kate to be Batman’s replacement so that the trinity wouldn’t end up as a sausage fest.

So, I think I’m going to go with Captain Marvel, Batwoman, and Aquaman.


Ooooo!!! Now that I’ve read more posts, I’m slapping my forehead for not having Martian Manhunter as an option. Same for Mr. Terrific and Nightwing.


Captain Atom
Red Robin

My evil trinity:
Lex / Deathstoke
Granny Goodness


Power Girl
Huntress - Helena Wayne


Supergirl-heart of Gold and supreme optimism with a more hopeful presence to the public

The Question-master of deduction and strategy

Zatana- just a badass


Supergirl, Nightwing, and Donna Troy. Because, well, you know.


@AlexanderKnox and others

In. Justice League of America 2006 issues 44 through 60, written by James Robinson.
Available in our library

The lineup was

Supergirl replacing Superman

Dick Grayson as Batman

Donna Troy replacing Wonder Woman

Jade replacing Hal Jordan

Jesse Quick replacing Flash

Blue Alien Starman replacing Martian Manhunter

Nature hero Congorilla replacing Aquaman.


Thanks @TurokSonOfStone1950, I will check those out. I agree with @AlexanderKnox’s choices.


Shazam, Nightwing, Big Barda.

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Orion, Mister Miracle, Barda.

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Years ago, there was a storyline where Donna Troy, Kyle Rayner, and Jason Todd were traveling through the multiverse. I always thought it would have been cool if they’d stayed on an Earth that didn’t have any superheroes and form a new Trinity. Donna would be Wonder Woman and Jason would be Batman, but Kyle as Green Lantern would fill the role of the heavy hitter who is all about hope.


Shazam / Supergirl / Batwoman

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If you disqualify Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, you must also disqualify their derivitive supporting characters/successors.

So with that said, my choices would be Mister Majestic, Midnighter, and Zealot.

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The dark Trinity


@DigificWriter I like your idea, especially since Zealot is involved.