[Renegade Robins]Presents: The Super-Batman of Planet X and Never Fear [9PM PST/12:00AM EST]

Batman_of_Zur_En_Arrh Never_Fear

Hello Everyone!

The Damian Wayne Book Club at Renegade Robins is proud to present our first late night Watch-Along in connection with our recent reading of Batman: RIP as well the Jason Todd Book Club’s reading of Detective Comics # 571. So this WAL will be a double feature.

What we are watching: Batman:The Brave and the Bold S2 E9 “The Super-Batman of Planet X” and New Batman Adventures S1 E4 “Never Fear”

Date and Time: Friday March 20 at 9:00pm PST/12:00am EST.

So grab your two devices (one for watching and one for posting), your snack and beverage of choice and let’s put all cares aside for a bit.

Everyone is welcome to participate.



I’ll probably find time between ripping and tearing in Doom Eternal for this. :smiley:

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pulls up a chair and waits

Guess I’m early. Fifteen to go.


Brave & the Bold: DC Universe

New Batman Adventures: DC Universe

Thanks for posting those @AlexanderKnox.

Six minutes folks.

Not sure I’m gonna make it in time. In the Middle of a thing. Whaaah!

That’s fine @ralphsix.

Just two minutes to go.

One minute

And go.

Matches Malone!

Love these funny openings.

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Batman/Metal Men team up for the win.

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Yeah Matches is great

Wormhole of Doom

Building codes haha

Kevin Conroy was an obvious choice for the alternate Batman, but a fun one nonetheless.

I am a genius that 's why

Yeah he was a good choice.

Batman with Superman powers is great

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