[Renegade Robins: Damian Wayne] Week Three: Battle for the Cowl [March 9-22]

Which night is the Flash WAL?


Okay then Friday March 20th at 11:00 Central Time will be the WAL.

“Hey, Renegade Robins club got a plug in this week’s news section! Maybe I’ll actually participate this time, instead of just shamelessly using it for the Title and then never commenting. What’s the title we’re reading this week, anyway?”


“Well, maybe next time, then.”

This post is the latest Damian Wayne reading selection, but I posted a new Jason Todd reading selection two days ago and sent a group notification about it. In the words of Lucius Fox, “Didn’t you get the memo?” :wink:

Also, Batman RIP is included in this session, so I think that balances out Battle For the Cowl. :stuck_out_tongue:

(To clarify how this works for everyone: I post a reading in the first week, and the discussion is open for two weeks. Then @JasonTodd428 posts a reading in the second week, and that discussion is open for two weeks. I do it again in the third week, and so on. There’s always a week’s overlap between the Jason and Damian sessions.)

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LOL, I did in fact miss that. Maybe I’ll slide over there, then

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Mini-review of the books here:

“Batman RIP,” while definitely complicated and elaborate, is a really solid break down and build up of what Batman is and is an absolute classic.

“Last Rites” is a very cool recap of Batman’s history and statement on who the character is. It’s also cool because it’s like the only take on the conception of Damian in modern times that doesn’t include Talia slipping Bruce a mickey, and anything that doesn’t include that awful, awful retcon is great in my eyes.

“Battle For The Cowl” is…well, the art’s pretty good, and…that’s about it. Everything else about it is so, so bad.

  1. In these issues Damian seems intent on defending his father and his legacy. What do you think his motivations behind this are?

Like @ralphsix said, I didn’t see a lot of that in these stories. In these stories he seems more interested in driving cars he shouldn’t be driving and picking up girls (which feels SO out of character). However, I think overall in this era, he does that because with Bruce gone, he feels like the only proper person to defend it.

  1. Who was your favorite villain in RIP?

Like in the Club of Villains? I think I would go with Le Bossu. So creepy and fits perfectly for that kind of story.

  1. How do you feel about Alfred giving Damian a Robin suit so he could start “earning his keep”?

I think that’s what Alfred said because that is what Damian would respond more favorably to. In reality, I think Alfred gave him the Robin suit as an outlet, the best way that he can become a better man without Bruce’s influence.

  1. How did you like Damian’s interactions with Squire?

Again, like @ralphsix said, those moments felt the most like Damian as we classically know him.

  1. Anyone out there wish they could read the first appearance of the Batman of Zur-En-Arrh?

I also think I’ve read it in the past, if not in Black Casebook, maybe in one of those “Greatest Batman Stories Ever Told” trades. But yes, I would love to see it on DCU(I).