Renegade Robins Club

Here’s this week’s discussion link.

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Red Hood, Session 17: Bizarro Reborn

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Damian Wayne N52 Week 3: Beware the Court of Owls.

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Here is RR:DW’S March discussion.

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Red Hood, Session 18: Solo Outlaw

Red Hood, Session 19: The Next Generation


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Here’s the next Robin Rises Event discussion covering Requeim & The Hunt for Robin.

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Red Hood, Session 20: Unspoken Truths

Here’s RR: Damian Wayne’s next monthly session.

Spoiler, Session 1: Stephanie Starts

Batmanga, Weeks 1-5

Uh oh. Robin has superpowers. How’s a Bat to cope? Find out in our next discussion here!

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Spoiler, Session 2: Showcase Stephanie

And here is August’s Damian Wayne discussion, which covers Robin: Son of Batman. Hope to see you there members of the @RenegadeRobinsClub.


Spoiler, Session 3: Teen Titans Tryout

Here is September’s Damian Wayne session. He’s a Teen Titan again folks!

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Spoiler, Session 4: Shaking Up Stephanie

Here’s the next RR: Damian Wayne session for October 2021.

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Spoiler, Session 5: Stephanie’s Expecting