Removed comics

I was excited to see new comics added, but concerned a lot were removed. I started to read Supergirl, but they are quickly gone. What gives?

Hi @Bullcan, I completely understand where you’re coming from. Please refer to this post for more details:

The short answer is, we did not give readers as much of an update as you deserved. But we are committed moving forward to ensuring you receive a 2 week notice in the Watchtower category. We are not taking any more comics down for the foreseeable future.

Stop taking books off.

It said on he page when we signed up (and every press release they did) 2500-3000 rotating comics selection. Being upset about the rotation schedule or selection is fair, I was disappointed in some of that too. But they were upfront that the comics would be rotating, and clearly are not going to stop taking stuff off.