Remove movies from history

If you erase any DC movie from history, which one would you choose?



Batman & Robin

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BvS, Suicide Squad and Justice League I feel all those movies came too soon they should’ve done the solo films 1st then the others.

I wouldn’t erase any every movie/show deserves to be remembered as they were

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Justice League or Suicide Squad. There have been other bad films but none as popular as these two

Green lantern by far the worst movie ever


Green Lantern, so it would actually have a chance now.


Catwoman. Awful film

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Most of the DC live action movies are pretty bad (i.e. Batman and Robin, Supergirl, Suicide Squad, Batman v Superman etc.) but I wouldn’t erase any of them. Every failure teaches us what not to do in the future. Also, for some people these really bad movies bring them a lot of joy, and make their lives a little bit better.

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