Reminder💡 Young Justice: Outsiders Will Return in June

So…pleas correct me out on wrong…NO NEW TEEN TITANS OUTSIDERS TILL JUNE 2019??? :scream::scream: What about TEEN TITANS SERIES???
When will the new season start???

Yeah I’m pissed​:triumph: but I can watch titans and they just uploaded batman so I’ll be aight.

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First I lose my crowbar, now YJ is only in June? starts crying alone in the corner

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you know, I think that people like me that is in this community got pulled in with the hype from the Titans in thinking that we was going to get a full season instead of what ever that was, if that was a season it wouldn’t even fill up one disk. So I guess what were feeling so far is a bit underwhelmed with the fact that Titans was not really a full season, that were only getting half of a season now of YJ and something later in June and unless you watch the dailies which is not all that you don’t get any information because the websight doesn’t post it. I mean truthfully, how hard could it have been to put at the bottom of episode 14, " coming in June " instead of comeing soon, and how hard is it to let your customers know when Titians will be returning. All I am saying is do better. People are not happy, some people could care less and some people are like sheep and just want it so bad they would stand on their head for ya. When it boils right down to it, if you guys keep doing this with each of your episodes people will not renew their subs. I am in for a year regardless, at the end of the year, if I am not satisfied, I will not be renewing.

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I got so hyped today for young justice and now I gotta wait till June???
Bruh, I cried last week when I saw and heard Wally again now I’m crying cause I gotta wait almost half a year to know what the heck is gonna happen next. Whyyyyyyy

Why can’t I watch season 2? Yj says 72 episodes but only 23 are there. I wanna rewatch the whole series while I wait for June.

I’m surprised they are going to have two weekends of nothing new. I thought they’d run YJ up to the premiere of Doom Patrol. Oh well.

DJ-Black, most non- network shows run 10-12 episodes. Even shows like Game of Thrones on average were 10 episodes. The new season is only 6! Titans gave us 12 episodes. And with Young Justice, we got three episodes a week. I believe it ended after episode 12, again. But in YJ case, we only have to wait until June to continue the story.

DJ-Black, and they may not have released a restart date for Titans yet, because they aren’t 100% sure when it’ll be back. Would you rather them say “coming in the spring” and then get delayed? We are also getting new material almost every Friday leading to its return.

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That means I get a long time to catch up sense I stop watching for a bit and didn’t get back to watching it

Know what would really get me through this agonizing hiatus??

Announcing a renewal for a 4th season. wink wink nudge nudge prettyprettyplease!


That would certainly help with the wait . :slight_smile: