Remembering ROBIN Artist Tom Lyle

It’s with deep sadness that we report artist extraordinaire Tom Lyle has passed away. Tom was a comic book illustrator unlike any other, and a valued member of the DC Comics family.


Tom Lyle’s legacy will continue to be felt in the comics industry for generations to come. He helped make the DC Universe greater, and ensure a new generation of artists found their style.

You can read more about Tom Lyle and his legacy in today’s News article.

Please help us in remembering this talented, giving, and valued member of the DC Comics family by letting us know what your favorite memories of Tom Lyle are in the comments below.


That first Robin mini-series always struck me as such a classic. One of my favorites of all time. RIP, Mr. Lyle.


What a great talent. I would of loved to have seen him draw Justice League. May he rest in peace.


:slightly_frowning_face: Such a talented artist, I’m so sorry to hear about his passing.


This is why this community to needed

To give respect to those who created stories that entered into our imagination

Rest well. You did great things.


Being new to comics I may have not read any comics with his work but have I have seen it before.
Even though he is gone his legacy will live on.
May he Rest In Peace.


Robin v1 (Tim Drake’s first solo mini) is one of my very favorite Robin stories, and that’s largely due to Mr. Lyle’s top-notch artwork.

My hat is tipped to him, and my condolences to his family and friends.


Thank you Mr. Lyle

In the 90s I read lots of Lyle’s comics and I can say I looked forward to many issues with his artwork. It was energetic and dynamic, perfect for the 90s scene. We’re better for being spectators of his art and I hope that Tom is drawing happily wherever he is right now. May he Rest In Peace.

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