🎨 Remembering Artist Carlos Pacheco 🎨

Kevin Conroy’s tragic and stunning passing has understandably captured the spotlight in the last few days.

However, he wasn’t the only enormously-talented contributor to the DC legend to recently pass, as famed artist Carlos Pacheco passed away on November 9th.

Pacheco had a long and storied resume in the annals of comic books, as he worked for numerous publishers throughout his career.

Some of his best DC work can be found in the pages of Superman/Batman, Mark Waid’s run on The Flash, Kurt Busiek’s run on Superman and, among many other credits, he was an early contributor to Geoff Johns’ new adventures of the Hal Jordan Green Lantern in the 2005-2011 volume of Green Lantern.

Are you a fan of Mr. Pacheco’s work, and if so, what’s your favorite DC output of his?

Is Mr. Pacheco new to you, and you’d like to know more about him?

Either way, what follows is a small gallery of some of his cover art. Its a small token of appreciation for an artistic titan who gave us bigger than life artwork to be thrilled and amazed by now, and for generations to come.


It is not the site, so I do not have that many pictures from it.

JLA/JSA Virtue and Vice



JLA/JSA: Virtue and Vice…good stuff, good stuff.


RIP. :cry:


He’s responsible for some great covers, in addition to the interior work he did for DC. For example:

Superman 712, a one shot issue by Busiak that thankfully interrupted the Grounded arc, and landed right before the New 52 erupted. It’s on the site here: Superman (2006-) #712

And from the 2006 Sword of Atlantis arc, this textless variant:

You all can find Sword of Atlantis arc on the DCUI site; it was part of volume six of the Aquaman self-titled.


So many great people gone in such a short time. Rest In Peace.


He sure was a talented artist, so sorry to hear about his passing.


When I think of Carlos Pacheco, I think of JLA/JSA Virtue and Vice. I remember being so excited for it because it was one story in a hardcover. I got it the day it came out but saved it for the next day when I had jury duty. I’m glad I did. In that long wait I was able to go to the quiet area they had, pull up a seat and get invested in the book.

The story was fantastic and I was blown away by the art. I don’t think I’d ever seen Pacheco’s work before, so it was a hell of a first impression.

I was so sad to hear of his passing. He was a great artist and by all accounts a great guy.


A solid read, for sure.

A new printing (along with an individual digital release) of the book would be a nice way to honor Mr. Pacheco’s memory. Especially given all of the attention the Justice Society has on it right now, with Black Adam and The Golden Age.

One of my favorites to feature Pacheco’s art was Camelot Falls. I knew of him prior, due to Superman/Batman and Green Lantern, but for whatever reason, Camelot Falls just hooked me on his art, and his name always stood out to me from that point forward.

For any who haven’t read Camelot Falls, here’s the first issue of the arc:


RIP Good Sir.

I happened to read JSA/JA: Virtue and Vice the other night as part of JSA By Geoff Johns Book Two.