Remembering a Legend: DC Writer Martin Pasko

It’s always difficult to lose a titan in any industry, and we definitely lost one yesterday.

Today, DC Universe pays respects to and remembers Martin Pasko, one of the most influential DC writers ever to grace comic books. Take a look at some of his most essential stories.

Which of his life shaping storylines most impacted you?


I’m so sorry to hear it. My favorite story he did as a special guest writer for The Batman Adventures issue 4-5, where Scarecrow had people of Gotham can’t read. That was well done. He does a great job on Batman the animated series as well.:pensive:


That is sad but his great stories and work will live on. Best wishes to his family.
May he Rest In Peace


RIP Martin Pasko. A legend in the comics industry. Below are two in-depth interviews with Mr. Pasko for those of you who are interested.

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I loved his Batman Adventures story from issues 4-5 and all his other BTAS verse stories.
I love his work on Action Comics and Superman. Superman 322 is a personal favorite.
His works on Wonder Woman, JLA/JSA team ups, DC Comics Presents, Saga Of The Swamp Thing and Blackhawk.

Thank you for the great stories Martin and may your legacy live on in the DC Mythos


im late but rip Martin