Release Dates of Upcoming Animated Films?

Superman Man Of Tommorow?
Deathstroke The Movie?
Long Halloween?

Justice League Dark will debut here in August correct?

Man of Tomorrow comes out August 23rd digitally and September 3rd on Blu-Ray/DVD.

Deathstroke is August 4th on digital and Blu-Ray on August 18th.

No word on if a Long Halloween movie even exists, let alone a release date.

And they’ve said that there is a three month delay on the animated movies making it to DCU, so August sounds about right for JLD.


Justice League Dark left DCU on July 1 to HBO Max

Justice League Dark: Apokolips War should be here around August 19

It would be helpful to have seen most of the 14 other videos in.the series to fully understand and enjoy ithis videos, which is the last of the New 52 series.

About 6 are on DCU
The rest are on HBO Max

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Thanks I am all caught up on DCAU just need JLD do not mind waiting. Mid august sound about right.

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Deathstroke is a confusing property because part 1 was a DC Seed Original and Ray and Vixen are not on DCU. Also since Supermna MOT is new post DCAU will it be here in 3 months.

DC Fandome I guess cant wait!

Yeah, I’m sure we’ll get the next slate of DC direct to video films at FanDome. We’ll probably get an idea of what the next movie is with the release of Man of Tomorrow, because the extras of those movies always have a “first look” at them.

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Now according to wikipedia Batman: Soul of the Dragon will be out in early 2021. Justice Society: World War II in Spring of 2021 and a two parter Batman: The Long Halloween in the summer and fall of 2021. Does anyone known of any other new films that made be upcoming?

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