Release all of Titans!

Seriously, my only complaint is how long this Titans show is being drug along. Just release all of the episodes at once. They feel really short when watching one a week.

I wonder how people functioned 5 years ago when episodes were released on a weekly schedule on most TV shows :thinking::thinking::thinking:


Why so people can watch all the episodes and then drop it when they are finished . Doesn’t make much sense when you are running a business.


Just wait till december and you’ll have them all to binge


If you want a show that comes out mostly everyday you should watch “The Bold and the Beautiful” the show isn’t that bad and it has over 1300 episodes :crazy_face:


Edot, good point. If Simpsons released every episode in season at once, like a Netflix show, it probably wouldn’t have as many episodes as it does.

The problem is that DC Universe has very little content and 1 original show. Titans is one of the hooks that’s keeping it afloat, so we won’t be seeing binge releases until it grows up.

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Nope…I like it this way. If you want to watch it all at once then wait until they have all been released.


No way! I love the anticipation:)

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Not worth posting

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