Reign of the Supermen

After reading a recent discussion on what viewers thought of the differences between DCA’s Batman: Hush adaptation and the source material, I thought I would ask what people thought about the changes made to Reign of the Supermen.

For a rather lengthy story I figured they would have to trim some fat for an animated adaptation…but do you think they cut/changed too much? And how about the ending? Do you prefer the film’s ending or that of the books?

Idk I thought this one and the death of Superman were so good. I’m also really glad they canceled the “Clark and Diana” ship, but that’s just me.

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I enjoyed both as well! I enjoyed the adaptation to Death of Superman more, but there’s definitely less involved with that half of the story. There was a LOT that happened in his absence in the books and understandably so that needed trimmed down for the film. The big “plot twist reveal” from the books I felt was missed in the film, similar to Batman: Hush.

However now I’m eager to revisit the Reign Of film :joy::joy::joy:

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I find it best to allocate a 3 hour block and watch Death & Reign together as if they were one massive movie. I found doing this gives each a better flow and more cohesion of the two.