Reign of the Supermen

This novie was one of DC’s best in a few years. Omg! Yes! Keep up the good work @SamLiu


Yeah I don’t understand the mixed reviews on it. I LOVED this portrayal of Lois and the characters were so well done. Also holy crap the action in this movie was woooo good. The original comic story is WAY too complicated in my opinion and this was just a better narrative. Honestly I even preferred it to the Death of Superman movie which was also great


Yeah I just watch it and it was good

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@First_Asher I agree. The Reign of the Supermen was a really good movie. That’s saying a lot since I’m not really into superman being that he’s basically a God compared to many of the super heroes within DC. However, in this movie we got to see a different side of superman. Being that he lost some of his power, he wasn’t so super anymore. In fact, this was the closest to human I’ve seen superman. I think that’s what made this movie good IMO. It actually seemed believable.