Reign of the Supermen

So why isn’t Reign of the Supermen on here to view? It was supposed to be released on 1/13/19.

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It’s gonna be here on the 29th like the dvd/blu-ray release. This was announced in The Watch Tower community board.

It only available to purchase digitally. Once the blu-ray gets released, a streaming service can pick it up. This is true of EVERY streaming service that doesn’t charge for individual films. I don’t know why people are getting all amped up over it not being here.


This was not asked hostile like most others making this thread, so not picking on this poster. But I am not sure which I am more looking forward to on the 29th… seeing Reign… or not seeing people post this every day.

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@DanTheManOne1 the latter at this point. Definitely the latter.

Gee whiz Mister Kent, I’m look forward to the latter too.