Reign of the Supermen (Supertimes)

I don’t know if this is accurate to the people asking, but maybe their questioning of “why” it is not on here is deeper than just wanting to know “when” it will it will be on here.

Should that be the case, there may be licensing deals with services like Amazon that were already in motion before DC Universe existed which explains why it is not on here before anywhere else. Also, from DC Comics’s perspective, if they allow their content to be released on other platforms before here, if some people really enjoyed what they saw, they may be more inclined to join the DC Universe. And if that is their reason, that is a good idea because that means there will be more potential for new DC Comics fans to be appreciated.

I don’t know the exact reason, but I am speculating both in favor of those that want to know and DC Comics.

Either way, I am looking forward to January 29th, in seven days. Not long at all.

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